I attended my very 1st “online” Toastmasters demo meeting. WOW!!!

In case you can’t make it to a Toastmasters in meeting in 142 countries, because you are so busy, with so many priorities, here is an online solution and get SOME of the benefits!  

Why do I say some?  Well, this demo meeting will work thru the obstacles and challenges with this format, but one noticeable benefit was no applause!

Will you miss the applause? 
Applause is one benefit that brings INSTANT recognition.  It also is very encouraging to hear the applause after one speaks at a Toastmasters club.

I bet there is a cool electronic solution for online.  A thumbs up the speaker can see while they are speaking maybe.
More commentary below.  Overall, by the way, a VERY awesome FUN and FRUITFUL online club.

It means you can be anywhere and get SOME of the benefits of a Toastmasters club in your Pajamas!!!
My first demo meeting online Toastmasters club!

If you have NEVER been to a Toastmaster club, I highly recommend you start right away.  For many of the reasons in my speech above and also to get the edge on life and business for anyone.  Retired folks, you can also get many benefits especially a cheap night out for entertainment that will beat any early bird events.  hehe!

After 2 plus years being very active in our Toastmasters club, I highly recommend you go and go often!  You never know what you’re going to get!  It is like a box of chocolates!  LOL!

From Table Topics to Prepared speeches, evaluations, contests and conferences to plug into to further develop your skills and confidence.

The program Toastmasters provides is very very very economical.  That means it is valued very reasonable for our worldwide community.  All people all walks of life.  All careers.  All interests.  

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4 core principles, Accepting and Presenting an award & Evaluating it all at a Toastmasters Club, South Florida, West Boca Toastmasters…

Last night Claudine Gunning, Area Director of Area 33, in Division C, Club 1978, West Boca Toastmasters, presented an award to Paul Finkelstein, me. I am humbled with this gesture to present this award as well as her selection to use my award as an opportunity to utilize the advanced speech manual SPECIALTY SPEECHES, presenting an award.  I meant everything I said too last night.  If you take advantage of a Toastmasters club, USE a clubs audience, USE their evaluators, USE their Toastmaster of the day, USE their General evaluator, USE their Table Topics master, USE their members, USE their LEADERS, I think we ALL owe a DEBT of gratitude and thanks.  One FABULOUS way to thank someone is to SERVE them. Give your TIME in a LEADERSHIP role.  Whether you are handy with a camera, complete the CL manual, what Toastmasters calls the competant leader manual, start a new club, serve as a club officer, mentor a new or veteran toastmaster, make a PR campaign in your community to share  how important a club is to our community around the world.  Our job is NOT done.  (BTW, the TINY membership fee or dues is NOT a fee for the efforts of your club team.  The membership dues or fee is just the START of your commitment to yourself to become BETTER than who you are today & to improve your community.  See you at a club soon. Right?  142 plus countries and 500,000 Toastmasters is NOT enough in the world.  It is NOT just speaking, NOT just leadership skills, NOT just stories, it IS 4 core principles the world needs to know.  INTEGRITY, SERVICE, RESPECT, EXCELLENCE.  See the TOP video to learn more. 

Below here is my accepting the award speech.

Below my evaluation by the awesome Paula Zitrin, another Toastmaster and
Leader in our community.

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www.IWantTheBike.com What motivates YOU? I want the bike!

Tonite I completed 1 of 2 speeches for my Advanced Leader Bronze credential from Toastmasters International.  I rehearsed several drafts beforehand today and some over last weekend.  With more practice, I think this is developing into a really nice presentation.  But, at it’s current state, I am still pleased with my progress.  I set out my mission to really motivate my club members.  To give back and be a leader for West Boca Toastmasters.  For the past 2 years my home club has given me the lab and place to work on my speech craft.  To hone my speaking skills.  Just following the Toastmaster system or program is ALL it takes.  And of course doing whatever it takes as well.

Designing my speech, I know I wanted a strong opening and strong closing.  I wanted to come full circle.  I am happy with using the bike dream or vision as book ends in my speech.  I thought about it after tonite’s meeting if I ended with the following question, “What IS your bike?”.  I think I like either idea.

I knew I wanted to add a touch of a personal story.  Just a touch.  But enough to make it personal.  Chatting with my fellow Toastmasters and guests in the meeting and online as well about what motivates them…
Is it the paycheck for them or you too?  What happens to YOU when the “honeymoon” phase is over at your brand new job?  Brand new Toastmaster club?  Brand new friend?  Brand new marriage?  Maybe you need a PEP TALK for all these activities or interests or life events.  We all know a pep talk or motivational speech wears off.  The very next day or are never as excited as the day you receive the information.  What do you do?  Give yourself pep talks ever hour on the hour?  I’d have to give myself pep talks all day long all night long and all year long.  I’d have to quit my job and be a professional pep talker.  But then I’d have limited time for other stuff.  So what to do? Dilemma?  NO.

We need to focus on our PMF.  Primary motivating factor.  Our crystal clear dream, vision, goals.  Personal ones.  What drives YOU or different for anyone else.   New home.  New car.  New home decorations.  New kitchen. New bike!!!!!! New vacation!! Travel!!! Cruises!!! Getting your CC, CL, ACB, ACS, ACG, DTM, ALB!!! The list is endless.  Your bucket list!! Your dream list!!! WAKE UP and visit your dream and go to bed visualizing your dream.  Sounds easy.  As easy as adding a new habit.  Discipline ourselves to do it each day for 21 days.  They say after 21 days habits start to form like CEMENT!!!   Pick your dream and habit wisely.  Success IS the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream.  So many people have said this quote.

Every speech at our our club is evaluated.  We had 3 speeches and 3 evaluators.  My evaluation is below.

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One thing worse than voicemail is automated voice prompts. agree? Thoughts? Have a story you care to share. I know you do. Dare ya to comment about it below. LOL!

This has got to be worse than voicemail.  You seriously thought voicemail was bad?  Ha!  LOL!  Jobs are being eliminated due to this?  OMG! BTW!

Some SMALL business has no choice though.  With limited staff this does happen way too much.

Better be a kind, in demand service, sought after expert worth chasing by your prospective clientele, I know right, if you’re using this tool.  Sometimes we small   business have no choice.

We pray we connect with the right clientele everyday so it is a win win for everybody.  Win win is your game too?  Right?  

My local cable company is notorious for this cost saving strategy.  If there is 1 thing you can separate yourself from your competition, that is this, use LIVE staff.  Even have your CEO or owner pick up the phone from time to time.  Think of how your clients, patients, and prospective clients will feel?  I think much appreciated.  I think the confidence in your company doing the job increases. Solving problems which can happen in ANY  business is very smooth.

Some medical offices, cable providers, phone providers, government offices, and many offices of all types of companies try and use these types of business services. Are they effective?  And for whom are they effective?  The company?  The client?  The patient?

Just today, I called a medical company.  I spoke to over 6 staff.  I was persistent.  I was pleasant. I did NOT lose my cool.  I was better than most. I know right.  Do you have this problem in your part of the world?  Country?
I needed something FAST.  Right away.  They said they would call back.  Do not wait.  Their phone is ringing too off the hook.  After over 10 shots at it, I never felt I received the proper service, did not get what I wanted, did not know if I was getting through, BUT I did receive the fax 30 minutes later.  I wish I got a call asking if I did indeed receive it. Nothing.  How many comany can take lessons on call handling?  All of them.  If drivers need ticket school, companies need auto-prompt school too.  Just saying.  I know right.

Communication is what we are talking about.  Computers are NOT people.  Yes, cars will be driving and are on the road with no one behind the wheel worldwide – EVEN TRUCKS – We need the world to minimize this shortcut.  We need REAL people, real communication, short pleasant conversation, good customer service, without autoprompts when possible or not at all.  Who is with me?  One thing worse than voicemail  is automated voice prompts. agree? Thoughts?  Have a story you care to share. I know you do.  Dare ya to comment about it below. LOL!

Say no to recorded Auto-Prompts

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Ever Wing It????????

I know right.  You are an excellent speaker.  You have the gift of gab.  You got it all.  Or somedays you have it and other days not so much.  Ever get stumped?  Ever mess up a talk?  Ever mess up an apointment?  Ever wish you prepared a little or a lot better?  I know this is most of us on the planet.  I know most of us will not all come forward and admit it though. Fess up!  I know right.  1 on 1 meetings OR public speaking is an amazing animal.

Ever walk away from a meeting and think of what you wanted to say AFTER it was all over?

Ever wondered if you had rapport at your last meeting?  1 on 1 or public speaking.

Ever wished you had just 1 or 2 extra tools in your bucket when speaking in public? 1 on 1 or public speaking.

Ever been to a local Chamber of Commerce meeting and felt shy and didn’t meet anyone?  Or similar meeting.  1 on 1 or public speaking.

Were you like me?  Did you walk into a Chamber of Commerce meeting and talk to 1 person?  And that was the person you registered at the door?  They gave you your ticket, you walked up to the bar, asked the bartender for a water (2nd person you talked to), and looked around and people watched the entire night.  Look, nice shoes.  OMG, how can they wear that outfit?  WOW, that tie is nice, picked up a business card off the floor and drove home.  WOW, what a successful night out!  I networked.  My business is booming.  I found my next contact, friend or client from a business card someone else dropped on the floor.  Someone didn’t like that card or dropped in in error. I will never know.  This you?  It was pretty close to me.  If it is NOT you, keep reading…..

These are all curable by attending a weekly Toastmaster CLUB in over 142 countries with a 92 year track record.  No shit!  No kidding. Pardon my French. LOL!  Or sub in whatever language you wish.  You CAN do it better than your last meeting.

The skills you learn at a weekly Toastmaster meeting build on each other.  Impromptu skills give you valuable skills 1 on 1.  Interviews, mingling, at a local chamber meeting, a Board meeting, in a classroom setting, at a Restaurant, a food court, and the list can go on forever…..

Prepared speeches will give you the tools and techniques to IMPROVE what you already know.  You don’t know it all. Trust me.  No matter who you are on the planet.  Seriously.

Ever TIME your speeches?  Your impromptu talks?

You didn’t know you had to do that?  Are you boring your friends?
Are you not getting enough clients?  Are you not making friends?


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The 4 food groups are=? Are you eating more than 4?

The 4 food groups are=?  Are you eating more than 4?


The 4 food groups are….
Costco Chicken, Egg salad, cottage cheese & Turkey chili.  What are YOUR favorite or 4 easy foods you like to eat that keep you reasonably a healthy eater?   I think we all eat only a few healthy food items each week.  3 or 4.  The stuff we eat AFTER that, is not really food.  That’s the stuff that gets us in trouble.  That’s the stuff responsible for the scale to go tilt.   You know.  You also don’t need me to list any stuff here.  You are probably eating one of those extra’s right now while reading this blog article.

If we can just stick to 3 or 4 basic cool tasty reasonably healthy choices, fill in the rest with 8 glasses of boring “water” daily all would be very good and the scale will tip in our favor.  Add some zesty SALAD to your diet too.  1 glass of prune juice can become a cool habit too.  I can hear the excuses already.  STOP IT!   It is reasonably easy to stay fit.  The discipline can be easy too.  Read this article again next week.  Read this article 5 times.  Twice for fun and entertainment and 3 times to learn it and absorb it.

You’re following some doctors orders on what to eat?  Really.  Are you?  Are you sticking to your discipline for your body?  Need help?   There are bunch of professionals or companies that have developed programs for people with ZERO DISCIPLINE.  They use their own systems.  You count calories, count numbers, use codes and even work in fit time outside or inside.

Costco Chicken, Egg salad, cottage cheese & Turkey chili are 4 of my fav food groups.  (Pollo Tropical is quite tasty too)  If these are you favorite foods too, I say eat them.  Eat them often as you like.  But, limit how much you eat at each meal.  Restaurants seem to have HUGE portions. Why?  They are marketing to us with their menu and chefs and big plates.  They want to make money.  They want to provide value when dining out.  They don’t care that you stuff your face.  It’s ok to say NO to stuffing your face.  Really.  You can do it.  I NEVER ate cottage cheese in my younger years and a lot of older years.  I discovered it is a protein.  I discovered it is easy to prepare on a busy day.  Turkey chili sounds complicated.  It is not.  Far from it.  2 ingredients.  a jar of salsa. Pick your spice level.  Mild or hot.  And ground turkey.  Instant chili.  Amazing! And make a bunch for the week.  The 4 food groups are=?  Are you eating more than 4?  Cut out eating the stuff outside these four groups.  Sub fish for costco chicken is cool too. See you at the scale at the end of the week.  I hope the scale reads the number you like this week too.


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Onions can make you happy. Seriously.


Onions can make you happy.  Seriously.   But see below the real reason for this blog entry.  Yes, it is true.  This powerful veggie has the power to make us cry lots of tears on demand with just 1 slice.  Words can do the same.  Just a simple story for today.  On the way back from a walk my wife and I stopped off at Walmart to pick up a few things for dinner last night.  This onion was one of the 10 items we picked last night.  Of course we used the 10 item of less cashier.  It’s faster right?  I know what you’re thinking.  Not always the case right.  I did notice the cashiers name badge.  Peggy it said.  I said, nice to meet you Peggy.  How many Walmart customers walk right past the cashier of the day and don’t even say hi?  Good question.

I  think everyone on the planet should wear a name badge.  If the retail store teams are kind enough to wear their name on their badge, maybe we ALL should do the same.  Did you know Dale Carnegie, the Human Relations EXPERT, said, the MOST important thing to any of us is the sound of our name?   Try it and you will find out. See how much attention you get from your audience of 1 or 10,000 by recognizing them by name.  Of course you can’t memorize 10,000 names on the spot.  But, you can acknowledge them by greeting them at the beginning of your speech or a few words into your speech.  At a Toastmaster meeting, we say, Fellow Toastmasters and Most Welcome Guests and Dignitaries.  This acknowledges those you don’t know the names but still treats the audience as important people. VIP’s.  I urge you to do this.  You will immediately command respect, especially with eye contact too.  We are all important.  Think about wearing a name badge or a simple paper one.  Don’t wait for a group to give you one.  Take initiative and bring one for you and maybe bring one for 2-3 others.  Handing out a name badge might be MORE effective than your business card.  The business card is so they can remember you later.  The portrait on the card will help them remember you later.  The name badge will break the ice, build rapport and build a bridge.

At the cash register, after the cashier bagged our onions, the five onions slipped off the bagging area and 1 got a way and rolled toward the door.  A kind Walmart customer picked it up and brought the onion back to us.  We left the store with 5 onions.  We were happy to see our onions go home with us so we can serve up a nice salad and breakfast omelette.  Use name tags.  Buy onions.  Smile.


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CompetitiveCommunicators.com We started off as cavemen and cavewomen. We became Toastmasters. Are we becoming Cave people again? Help me, Fellow and Future Toastmasters. Here is THE magic word. Do you own a business, still work, or wish to get an edge on life for social reasons? All good reasons.

Being a Cavemaster sounds cool, but being a Toastmaster has an EXTREME COMPETITIVE EDGE FOR LIFE & BUSINESS. CompetitiveCommunicators.com

Question is, Are YOU ready for the EDGE?

Ready to take your social or business life UP a NOTCH????? ……Keep READING…..

I attend a weekly meeting offline which is quite competitive.  Time for online too!  Each meeting there are awards.  The best table topic. The best evaluater.  I earned my ALB & ACS and 2 CC manuals so far.  I serve as President of my current club.  I also served as club Vice President of Public Relations in 2014-5. I also served 2 years giving my photography services to my club, area, division AND district.  All of it is rewarding.  All of it is positive change.  Seeing new members change and grow and seeing fellow Toastmasters change and grow and move forward is rewarding too.  Seeing ourselves change and grow is rewarding too.  We compete for ribbons.  BEST Table topic!  BEST Evaluation!  Best at the club to compete in our area, division and District and world!  Table topics, humorous contests, international speech contest, evaluation contest.

We compete for fun.  We compete for self help.  We compete to get an EDGE on life and business.

Each club is on average 25 attendees.  Why?  At this size everyone gets a chance to speak and grow and lead.

Is this YOU?  CompetitiveCommunicators.com<–EVERY WEEK!! Check your Time!!

Did you skip the top headline?  Here it is again.  We started off as cavemen and cave women.  We became Toastmasters.  Are we becoming Cave people again?

 It’s not just texting and driving that’s a concern.  It’s our smart devices and driving too.  Smart devices are quickly competing with every single one of us.  Many people of ALL AGES are chatting without looking up.  

Eyeball to Eyeball is being eliminated with screen to screen.  The ability to communicate face to face might be causing an abundance of introverts.  The ability to communicate without a little screen (phone), medium screen (tablet), HUGE SCREEN (Flat screen TV) is being threatened.

Are you turning into a ZOMBIE already?  Am I too late?  HURRY!!!

It all might have started with using text to dump a date.   No need to have long drawn out upsetting chats.  Of course, the ability to get right to the point got way too efficient.  No longer do we have to face our opponent.  

We can be across the world or at the same table.  We send a text and its done.

ANYTHING from proposals, to appointments, dates, business deals, cross country friendships, global friendships (Whatsapp), and your creativity can imagine so many users NOT ever communicating face to face.

My wife and I were about to meet my grandparents in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  We stopped at a Dunkin Donuts.  We ordered 2 Latte’s.  We sat at a TINY table for two.

The table next to us was another tiny table for two, but it was surrounded by 6 girls ALL wearing 2 piece bikinis!  My wife and I noticed.  Who wouldn’t notice?

I can tell you who didnt notice.  All 6 girls at that table. It appeared they all were talking to each other and I assume checking social media, texts, email, games and whatever.  They looked like sitting ZOMBI’s!!!!!!!!

Should we have run away immediately?

Were we in grave danger???  Were the 6 girls in grave danger???  Were they indeed Zombi’s????  We did escape.  The didn’t eat us. They couldn’t eat us.  They didn’t even notice we were there.  We were 6 inches from there table.  There eyes were screen to screen. LOL! or Not LOL!  Yikes!

Business people can use these same tools, but I think we would be missing out on many business tools by only using the new screen E-Meet syndrome.

We could be in dire straights.  All business sales could be severely dropping because of lack of communication, NOT too much high tech communication.

Fortunately, Super Toastmaster Paul and Team to the rescue!  More Toastmaster clubs are cropping up everywhere.  People of ALL ages and stages are interested in FACE TO FACE again.  Skills can be retaught.  Skills can be learned at any age.

Public speaking skills the low tech high touch ways are amazingly in HIGH DEMAND.  The first 10 speeches at a Toastmaster club have the EXACT skills to reverse the CAVEPEOPLE TREND.  

Vocal Variety.  Try that on a screen.  The Emoticon fever won’t cut the mustard. The smiley face is touchy feely, but EYE BALLS and EYE CONTACT LIVE in person is a type of body language we humans must focus on today.

Did you know body language can help all communication by as much as 60% according to scientific studies???

If you are interested, contact Paul immediately. 561-302-0051

BOTTOM LINE:   You will be amazed at the program.  CompetitiveCommunicators.com <–ENTER!!!

GUESTS ARE FREE as long as you need to EVALUATE our group.  NEW members ready to meet at as many weekly meetings as possible, there will be a small fee for 6 months at a time will cover materials, supplies, and or venue costs.

We ALL started off as cavemen and cavewomen.  We became Toastmasters.  Are we becoming Cave people again? CompetitiveCommunicators.com

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Tonite I completed my 12th speech to complete my Advanced Communicator Silver Designation from Toastmasters International. Fellow Cavemasters. Most Welcome Guests. Dignitaries. Body Language is important to add to our speeches. Ed, a social anthropologist says, 60% of a speech is just that, B O D Y language. Ed did extensive research on this just for the Cavemasters group soon to be called Toastmasters by Ralph Smedley. Have a listen. Take notes. Grunt if you agree. Utter a comment below if you wish.

Tonite I completed my 12th speech to complete my Advanced Communicator Silver Designation from Toastmasters International.  Fellow Cavemasters.  Most Welcome Guests.  Dignitaries.  Body Language is important to add to our speeches.  Ed, a social anthropologist says, 60% of a speech is just that, B O D Y language.  Ed did extensive research on this just for the Cavemasters group soon to be called Toastmasters by Ralph Smedley.  Have a listen.  Take notes. Grunt if you agree.  Utter a comment below if you wish.  I repeat the headline here in case some of you thought you’d skip that part.  Gotcha! Ah ha!!  Aaaarrrr!!! Pirate cave speak. Hehe.

I began my speech with recognizing my audience.  Fellow Toastmasters, and most welcome guests.  I prepared a few poster board visuals to help my audience of 28 attendees  easily remember a nugget of detail.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my fellow Toastmasters AND Cavemasters who wrote a feedback form during the meeting and passed a note to me.  Awesome!  If you are new, I saved all my notes from feedback for my entire first year and it filled a shoe box.  Seems mostly newer members received the notes and I am amazed and thankful to STILL receive these notes.  Members who write instant meeting positive feedback for the evening speakers really makes a difference and is very ENCOURAGING.  I like it.  It encourages me.  I feel I am progressing at a nice pace over the past 2 years.  Too many organizations offer “constructive criticism”.  A bit of an oxymoron.  Constructive might denote to build up and criticism denotes to tear down.  But in a proper Toastmaster evaluation, we have our speeches evaluated using a sandwich or oreo cookie method.  Google either evaluation methods to understand it further or just attend a meeting at West Boca Toastmasters to get the hang of it.

Over all, I am happy to earn another achievement with Toastmasters International.  I am also glad to have a safe family friendly positive environment to practice my speech methods, delivery, and improve speech by speech. You can do it too!  Use new skills to advance your job, career, business or just make friends and cancel your cable.  Go for it!

A few of the instant feedback messages given to me tonite:


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Did you see my manual for driving for dummies yet? LOL! It is no joke when your driving is worse than a poke.

Did you see my manual for driving for dummies yet?  LOL!  It is no joke when your driving is worse than a poke.  I am thinking of going door to door and giving it away FREE OF CHARGE and not charging for it.  The world desperately needs remedial driving lessons asap for my Floridian residents and tourists.  Will you please help me NOW and let’s go house to house.  Together we can get RRRRR done.  We need to fix the dumb drivers down here FAST!  Better, yet, let’s skip the doot to door, the rap on that is so bad, we need to go window to window.  Car window to car window.  We’ll pull up to cars at stop lights, traffic signals, stop signs, and distribute our driving for dummies manual on ever street corner in Florida.  We will soon have the TOP best drivers in the world in Florida when our mission is complete.  When every car window and driver has seen our manual for dummies.

Just this morning on the way to work I saw the SAME drivers like I always do EVERYDAY on Linton BLVD, Delray Beach, FL.  My commute is only 6 miles one way.  In rush hour, the time adds a mere 15 additional minutes.  Business taught me that time IS money.  The SAME exact stuff you notice on the way to your job or next appointment.  The LEFT LANE is being used as the slow lane or right lane.  The BRAKE is being used excessively by drivers of all types shapes and sizes.   SWITCHING LANES without mirrors creating MORE NEAR MISSES THAN ___________!!!  (Fill in the blank)  Drivers resist URGE TO TEXT OR CALL OR EMAIL FROM THEIR SMART DEVICE almost causing a DUMB ACCIDENT changing lives forever.  The manual is simple.  Review ALL THE ABOVE with everyone you see.  Tourists and residents of YOUR CITY _____ (insert here).

Jump on our campaign NOW and go car window to car window ASAP!  Tell your NEWEST FRIEND to look at DRIVINGFORDUMMIES.COM Save lives!  Help our community be MORE CAREFUL when on the roads.
Ok.  This is done as a parody, but kidding aside, maybe we can do better, train our community neighbors and tourist DRIVERS on an ongoing basis.  Thoughts? Agree?

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