Online Toastmasters club launches special club for caregivers and extremely busy professionals and others who love the convenience and opportunity to mingle Toastmaster style…

Mingle Toastmaster style while embracing the Toastmaster educational program or system of repetitive communication and leadership skills.  Anyone around the world can improve their speaking skills, listening skills, and leadership skills here.
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The meeting is ONLINE on TUESDAY nights.

Check the Time zone conversion on their site too: 

2 speeches from tonite – 1 table topic & 1 International speech contest – Titles: My 1st medical trauma & I was drafted – Paul & Sara Finkelstein

As always, West Boca Toastmasters goal is to have EVERYONE speak at every meeting.  And that we did tonite for yet another meeting.  I know it be true, because since July 2014, my wife and I joined this evening club that meets in West Boca Raton, FL at Olympic Heights High School and everyone does get to speak.  After the major roles are filled, like General Evaluator, Toastmaster of the day, Topicmaster, Evaluator, the rest of a Wednesday evening’s attendees get to do table topics.

This is truly one of the BEST reasons to join THIS club!  Everyone gets to speak every week.  Practice every week the same as you do for your muscles at the gym.  Miss a week and you may feel weak.  Miss a speaking opportunity at a toastmaster club, your impromptu skills or public speaking skills may be a tad off.

FANTASTIC meeting!   Brenda Hernandez led our topics portion of the evening.  So many super cool table topics.  Tonite’s theme was to think of your 1st time you _______.  Brenda called us up and surprised us with various situations in our lives.  Very FUN!

The purpose of table topics at a Toastmasters meeting is to help us ALL feel more confident thinking on our feet, and perhaps the ability to switch topics too.

The art of the Segue.  And if you can spell it you get double points, right!!!

John Gentithes, Lori Vinikoor and Sara Finkelstein were tonite’s contestants in our club INTERNATIONAL SPEECH CONTEST.  ALL gave phenomenal very informative speeches. Our judges top vote getter was Lori Vinikoor, Water is everywhere.
I recorded my wife’s speech, I was drafted, so we can review our progress.  See below.

Also, Haobo Jiang was tonite’s word grammarian.  Great job fulfilling your duties as word grammarian.  We were greeted at the start of the evening with Svetlana Shames, our Sergeant at arms who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Joel Vinikoor led the main portion of the evening and was our fearless Toastmaster/Contestmaster of the evening.
To top it off Echo Wang stole the BEST TABLE TOPIC by singing UNFORGETTABLE!!!
Did Echo know it was Sara and my wedding song from 17 years ago?   Very touching.  Well for Sara and I for sure!!  Congrats Echo!!   To see everyone GROW as a speaker and a leader at West Boca Toastmasters is a true joy!

See you all NEXT WEEK!  Every Wednesday Eve!

NOTE: Feb 18th: Support our contest winners, Sara Finkelstein and Lori Vinikoor in the Area 33 contest, Boca Community Center, 8:00am to 1:00pm, $5 if rsvp in advance, $10 if a pay at the door, Online RSVP At (Scroll til you see the contests for Division C – Area 33)

WOW!   Great meeting!!

West Boca Toastmasters is our PEP talk to supercharge our weeks!!

Don’t miss a week if you can help it!!

I know we missed some of you at this past meeting.  We know things come up.
Family visits, HW – Homework, Work, Clients, Study, and other detours from our speaking and communication goals.  Don’t forget us!   We have not forgotten you.
You can do it!  Do another speech!  When you get a chance ASAP.  Get your name on the clipboard the very next club meeting.  February is a LOVE month.   I’d love to see you here next week!

Paul Finkelstein
Club President
July 2016-July 2017: Distinguished Presidents Club 10 out of 10!!!
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I am very proud of my wife for taking 1st place in tonite’s Table Topics contest at our club, West Boca Toastmasters!

Have you ever entered a Toastmasters contest?  I enter as many club contests as I can.  I highly recommend everyone do the same.  The experience you get in a contest is very different from normal table topics at a normal club meeting.  In a contest you compete with your club members and fellow toastmasters.  We also ALL get the SAME topic, but we don’t get to see the speeches BEFORE  us.

As soon as we hear the topic for the 1st time, we really get practice thinking on our feet in front of an audience.  You really gain so much confidence doing an exercise like this too.

There were 7 contestants tonite.  Rachelle Klein, Rachel Spillers, Paul Finkelstein, Sara Finkelstein, John Gentithes, Keith Gallant, Michelle Allen.  I enjoyed listening to everyone compete tonite.  Everyone has their own unique style.

My wife did it again.  Sara is going on to round two, the Area 33 contest coming up on February 18.

The location will be the Boca Community Center, Boca Raton, FL at 8:00am to 1:00pm. There is a small fee like seeing a movie.  Continental breakfast will be served.

Each of us was given the SAME topic.  Topic: What makes a legend?

Amazing how Sara recalls many of the details from a movie we recently saw on the founding of Mcdonalds.  I wish I thought of it.

Sara knows the book, Grinding it out, by Ray Kroc is one of my all time favorite books.  

Congratulations to 2nd place runner up, John Gentithes, all the contestants tonite and also a special thank you to our Contest master, Dr. Lori Vinikoor, the Chief Judge, Joel Vinikoor, Sergeant-at-arms, Svetlana Shames, All today’s normal Table topics because at West Boca Toastmasters all Toastmasters get to speak and today’s Table Topics winner, Dhwani Shah.  Congratulations Svetlana for giving another speech today.  Congratulations to our guests for taking the next step and checking out our meeting.

West Boca Toastmasters truly is a fun and great team.  It is a joy to see everyone grow in their communication and leadership skills.

Paul Finkelstein
Club President
West Boca Toastmasters
10 out of 10 DCP points 2016-2017 done in 6 months!

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I attended my very 1st “online” Toastmasters demo meeting. WOW!!!

In case you can’t make it to a Toastmasters in meeting in 142 countries, because you are so busy, with so many priorities, here is an online solution and get SOME of the benefits!  

Why do I say some?  Well, this demo meeting will work thru the obstacles and challenges with this format, but one noticeable benefit was no applause!

Will you miss the applause? 
Applause is one benefit that brings INSTANT recognition.  It also is very encouraging to hear the applause after one speaks at a Toastmasters club.

I bet there is a cool electronic solution for online.  A thumbs up the speaker can see while they are speaking maybe.
More commentary below.  Overall, by the way, a VERY awesome FUN and FRUITFUL online club.

It means you can be anywhere and get SOME of the benefits of a Toastmasters club in your Pajamas!!!
My first demo meeting online Toastmasters club!

If you have NEVER been to a Toastmaster club, I highly recommend you start right away.  For many of the reasons in my speech above and also to get the edge on life and business for anyone.  Retired folks, you can also get many benefits especially a cheap night out for entertainment that will beat any early bird events.  hehe!

After 2 plus years being very active in our Toastmasters club, I highly recommend you go and go often!  You never know what you’re going to get!  It is like a box of chocolates!  LOL!

From Table Topics to Prepared speeches, evaluations, contests and conferences to plug into to further develop your skills and confidence.

The program Toastmasters provides is very very very economical.  That means it is valued very reasonable for our worldwide community.  All people all walks of life.  All careers.  All interests.  

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Daily I developed a hobby of developing friendships online.

Over the past 7 years I’ve noticed more and more local people I know and know through others are flocking onto social media.

I pay attention.  The increased attention to social media marketing definitely is higher today than yesterday whether you like it or not.  With 100 or 1000 online friendships you see a lot of content.  A LOT faster than offline 1 person to person.

Offline might be considered like a turtle.  It’s slow.

So I get a lot of good and not so good info about news and reactions and responses online on my own social media.

Sports, Photography, Running, business quotes, Toastmasters, local Delray Beach are some of my favorite topics to follow daily.

I watch and respond to people the SAME as you would in person, but I can do it with many and faster on social media.  It’s definitely worth it but its a learned skill.  Hi tech and low tech together.  Once you get the high tech down, the low tech is the human element.  Be you.  Be kind.  That’s my way.  Be informative.  Be humorous.  Whether you’re online on social media or in person you are just like a bartender.

Online I suggest to be like a virtual bartender.  What’s that mean?

Are you  a good host?   Are you super kind to your guests?  Do your guests leave you a tip or compliment or tell other people about your “bar”?
Your bar is whatever you’re hosting wherever you are right now.

It doesn’t matter where you are now.  It’s about being a cool host.

It’s about being a great business owner.  It’s about being a great friend.  It’s about you supplying the drinks, beverages, snacks. Are your snacks stale?  Are your snacks fresh?  Are your drinks watered down?  What I am most interested in is NOT the real bar, BUT your VIRTUAL bar.  How do you treat your online engagements?  Do you show you care?  Do you care?

What do you serve for a VIRTUAL drink or snack or virtual meal?  I’ll tell you.

You’re serving you.  Your’re serving your tips.  You’re serving a a nugget of information.  You’re being helpful.  Are you helpful?  Are you serving someone?  Are you helping someone right now?  Give something.  Give a minute or less of your time.  Give a few moments.

Give 15 seconds. Appreciate people for a short moment.  Those short moments can make ALL the difference.

How do I tend MY VIRTUAL bar?   It can be in my email reply, my text reply, my social media posts.  I try to me helpful.  I try to create a great FUN atmosphere.  We all heard of bad bars.  We heard of times when people chemistry that doesn’t mix.  I steer clear of that.  I keep it lively.  That’s how I’d tend my virtual bar.  It’s my choice.  It’s my attitude.  Are you the same way?  Would you tend your own virtual bar like I do?

One way I like to tend my virtual bar is to offer a little nugget of info or something cool I saw today.

Same like sharing a cool article I enjoyed reading.  Or give something away like an extra coupon with HUGE SAVINGS.  Why did I cap that?  Good question.  Not sale here.
But got your attention.  For a sec.

Eyeballs and attention span online is so short these days. Some say use video some say just talk normal.  Just be you.

Back to what I like.  I like to give a virtual snack through missions on Empire Kred.
I can make a mini virtual bar in what Empire Kred calls a mission.

I like to share something cool in content, and offer a virtual snack or virtual drink online.

See Empire.Kred/EDUST and see a sample mission or virtual snack sample.

Have a fantastic day!

4 core principles, Accepting and Presenting an award & Evaluating it all at a Toastmasters Club, South Florida, West Boca Toastmasters…

Last night Claudine Gunning, Area Director of Area 33, in Division C, Club 1978, West Boca Toastmasters, presented an award to Paul Finkelstein, me. I am humbled with this gesture to present this award as well as her selection to use my award as an opportunity to utilize the advanced speech manual SPECIALTY SPEECHES, presenting an award.  I meant everything I said too last night.  If you take advantage of a Toastmasters club, USE a clubs audience, USE their evaluators, USE their Toastmaster of the day, USE their General evaluator, USE their Table Topics master, USE their members, USE their LEADERS, I think we ALL owe a DEBT of gratitude and thanks.  One FABULOUS way to thank someone is to SERVE them. Give your TIME in a LEADERSHIP role.  Whether you are handy with a camera, complete the CL manual, what Toastmasters calls the competant leader manual, start a new club, serve as a club officer, mentor a new or veteran toastmaster, make a PR campaign in your community to share  how important a club is to our community around the world.  Our job is NOT done.  (BTW, the TINY membership fee or dues is NOT a fee for the efforts of your club team.  The membership dues or fee is just the START of your commitment to yourself to become BETTER than who you are today & to improve your community.  See you at a club soon. Right?  142 plus countries and 500,000 Toastmasters is NOT enough in the world.  It is NOT just speaking, NOT just leadership skills, NOT just stories, it IS 4 core principles the world needs to know.  INTEGRITY, SERVICE, RESPECT, EXCELLENCE.  See the TOP video to learn more. 

Below here is my accepting the award speech.

Below my evaluation by the awesome Paula Zitrin, another Toastmaster and
Leader in our community.

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OR need a new headshot? See PutyourbestFACEforward.NET ????????????????????????????????????? What motivates YOU? I want the bike!

Tonite I completed 1 of 2 speeches for my Advanced Leader Bronze credential from Toastmasters International.  I rehearsed several drafts beforehand today and some over last weekend.  With more practice, I think this is developing into a really nice presentation.  But, at it’s current state, I am still pleased with my progress.  I set out my mission to really motivate my club members.  To give back and be a leader for West Boca Toastmasters.  For the past 2 years my home club has given me the lab and place to work on my speech craft.  To hone my speaking skills.  Just following the Toastmaster system or program is ALL it takes.  And of course doing whatever it takes as well.

Designing my speech, I know I wanted a strong opening and strong closing.  I wanted to come full circle.  I am happy with using the bike dream or vision as book ends in my speech.  I thought about it after tonite’s meeting if I ended with the following question, “What IS your bike?”.  I think I like either idea.

I knew I wanted to add a touch of a personal story.  Just a touch.  But enough to make it personal.  Chatting with my fellow Toastmasters and guests in the meeting and online as well about what motivates them…
Is it the paycheck for them or you too?  What happens to YOU when the “honeymoon” phase is over at your brand new job?  Brand new Toastmaster club?  Brand new friend?  Brand new marriage?  Maybe you need a PEP TALK for all these activities or interests or life events.  We all know a pep talk or motivational speech wears off.  The very next day or are never as excited as the day you receive the information.  What do you do?  Give yourself pep talks ever hour on the hour?  I’d have to give myself pep talks all day long all night long and all year long.  I’d have to quit my job and be a professional pep talker.  But then I’d have limited time for other stuff.  So what to do? Dilemma?  NO.

We need to focus on our PMF.  Primary motivating factor.  Our crystal clear dream, vision, goals.  Personal ones.  What drives YOU or different for anyone else.   New home.  New car.  New home decorations.  New kitchen. New bike!!!!!! New vacation!! Travel!!! Cruises!!! Getting your CC, CL, ACB, ACS, ACG, DTM, ALB!!! The list is endless.  Your bucket list!! Your dream list!!! WAKE UP and visit your dream and go to bed visualizing your dream.  Sounds easy.  As easy as adding a new habit.  Discipline ourselves to do it each day for 21 days.  They say after 21 days habits start to form like CEMENT!!!   Pick your dream and habit wisely.  Success IS the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream.  So many people have said this quote.

Every speech at our our club is evaluated.  We had 3 speeches and 3 evaluators.  My evaluation is below.

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