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I recommend this online Toastmaster club , CompetitiveCommunicators.com for 3 reasons.  (1.) A great second club you can squeeze in your busy time schedule. (2.) A great second club to get in more speeches.  You can  sign up on our site up to 10 weeks in ADVANCE.  (3.) The Global friendships you can meet WEEKLY.  In considering #1, think about Public speaking and Leadership skills as a muscle.  You use it or lose it.  Grab a leadership role and exercise your leadership skills.  We’ll coach you on ALL the roles in a Toastmaster agenda.  Click here to visit some coaching tips for each role on a typical agenda found at all clubs worldwide.  What are you waiting for?  Ready?  The Journal is that.  A journey.  There is NO graduation.

Passion = Passionate Toastmaster + An Amazing Attitude AAA + Super Server + Inspiring + Outstanding Attitude + ready for the NEXT meeting ( Your club contest, Area Contests, Division Contests, District Contests )  Email me for more info: paul@paulfinkelstein.com 



Email: PFinkelstein@ToastmastersD47.org

You can earn your ALB!
Award right after CL – You can do it!
Just 2 speeches plus a little planning with your club officer team….

APRIL 7: International and Table Topic Contests AREA 50 

MAY 5: Division E Contests


You CAN DO IT!  Whatever your NEXT educational goals, Speaking goals, club goals, DTM, etc.  

Daybreak – 2nd and 4th Wed 6:00pm 5754
One Voice Unity – 2nd and 4th Thurs 7:00pm 6003629
North Miami Beach – 1st and 3rd Tues – 6:15pm 3840
305 Speaks – 2nd and 4th Thurs 6:30pm 6098434
Miami BeachThursday’s 6:30pm 1293723
Wynwood Inspire.US1st and 3rd Tuesday 7:00pm 4486222
West Boca – WED – 7:15pm (Vice President Membership, Paul Finkelstein)
CompetitiveCommunicators.com 6621765 TUES 7:30PM Eastern Online club
(President, Paul Finkelstein, ACG ALB)

http://dashboards.toastmasters.org/ClubReport.aspx?id=00005754 Daybreak

http://dashboards.toastmasters.org/ClubReport.aspx?id=00001978 West Boca 4 points – 2 Cl’s completed

http://dashboards.toastmasters.org/Club.aspx?id=47 How your club ranks to entire District 47 – 157 clubs


Re-read the Toastmasters PROMISE:  Bring your smile to your NEXT Toastmasters meeting….
Best Regards,

Paul S. Finkelstein, ACG ALB
AREA 50 Director,Division E,District 47
EMAIL: pfinkelstein@ToastmastersD47.org
561-302-0051 Direct cellphone or TEXT ok too  🙂 smile….
Toastmasters International
www.Toastmasters.org 142 countries
www.ToastmastersD47.org SE FL and the Bahamas
www.WestBocaToastmasters.org VP Membership – Weekly Wednesday’s 7:15pm
www.CompetitiveCommunicators.com President – Anywhere there is WIFI – Tuesday’s 7:30pm Eastern

YouTube: Paul
Twitter: Paul
Facebook: Paul
Meetup: Paul
Instagram: Paul
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“Please share this notice with all of your Club Officers.”

LAST YEAR I COMPLETED ALB.  Club Success Plan is on pages 16 through 33 for the officers to respond and finalize collectively.


Please keep in mind

To be eligible for the Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) award, a member must have:

  • Achieved new Competent Leader award
  • Achieved Competent Communicator award (or Competent Toastmaster award)
  • Served at least six months as a club officer (president, vice president education, vice president membership, vice president public relations, secretary, treasurer or sergeant at arms) and participated in the preparation of a Club Success Plan while serving in this office
  • While serving in the above office, participated in a district-sponsored club officer training program (If an officer did not attend a TLI from June 2017-August 2017, please attend an upcoming TLI from December 2017-February 2018)
  • Conducted any two presentations from The Successful Club Series and/or The Leadership Excellence Series

YOUR MISSION:  COMPLETE YOUR ALB – Advanced Leader Bronze during your 6 month term of office.


Special SHOUT OUTs:

  • Congratulations – 11/4/17 –  50 Evaluation Contest Winners!

o    1st Place – Willasue Susskind

o    2nd Place – Mary Mites-Campbel

3rd Place – Michael Fernandez


  • Congratulations – 51 Evaluation Contest Winners!

o    1st Place – Robert Bullen

o    2nd Place – Aaron Miller

o    3rd Place – Paul Smith

  • Congratulations – 50 Humorous Contest Winners!

o    1st Place – Samuel Pryce

o    2nd Place –Angela Ribeiro

o    3rd Place – Lori Bailey

  • Congratulations – 51 Humorous Contest Winners!

o    1st Place – Robert Bullen

o    2nd Place – Albert Jimenez

o    3rd Place – Paul Smith

  •  To all of our Contestants and our Test Speakers (David Eltringham, Adrienne Williams) Thank You for stepping up and letting your voice be heard!
  • David Esposito as Contest Master, for enthusiastically serving as our Master of Ceremonies!


  • Michael Marich as Chief Judge, for effortlessly coordinating the Contest Functionaries throughout the Event!


  • Ana Rezende and Ruth Field Beck as Timers, for diligently keeping Time throughout the Contest!


  • Jose Alvarado, Gregory Diaz and Sara Finkelstein as Ballot Counters, for efficiently tallying the results!


  • Austen Canonica,  Victoria Achamizo, Jose Cunha as SAAs, who were tirelessly on their Feet for most of the Contest!


  • To our Event Support Team (Registration, Food & Beverage and Raffles)

o    For greeting our Guests with Radiant Smiles

o    For preparing and serving Food & Beverage

o    For SANDRA JACKSON working the entire Room to generate Raffle Sales


  • To our Anonymous Judges, for diligently serving in silence and for sharing your expertise!


The Event was a great success because of YOU!!!

Let’s continue to grow together to become more effective communicators and leaders!


Paul Finkelstein

Contest Chair, Area 50/51 of Division – Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contests

Thank you Michael Marich, Area Dir Area 51 for capturing wonderful memories for our members and or Toastmasters.

What’s a Toastmaster Contest like????



Toastmasters have Passion! Toastmasters have Passion!



More Passionate Toastmasters….



The common thread is Passion….



Meet Jose Alvarado and hear the Passion…



Guests get passionate from our Toastmaster meetings…
( Even past celebrity soap opera stars from the famous all my children )



My wife share her passion as a past contestant in a Toastmaster contest…




Pictured below:  North Miami Beach Toastmasters

Photography credit: My iphone

Below is Miami Beach Toastmasters club, which meets at the Botanical Gardens!!






AREA 50 COUNCIL dinner and a meeting…. Held on 7/31/2017
at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza – Biscayne Blvd – Aventura, FL




Brief introduction.  I am Paul.  I love Marathon training, Running, Triathlons, Photography, and Toastmasters.  

I’ll be celebrating my 18th wedding anniversary September 2017.  I have 3 birds.  2 cockatiels and 1 parakeet.

Toastmasters to me is a super positive organization that really EMPOWERS us to communicate and lead in front of audiences LIVE, online, or in written form.

We are part of a movement.  142 plus countries worldwide.  Over 100 Districts!!! Over 155 clubs in just Southeast Florida.

I am eager, excited, enthusiastic, Ecstatic, Enthralled, elated to be helping 6 clubs in Division E become Presidents Distinguished!!

My goal:  INSPIRE Presidents Distinguished and encourage GREATNESS in every club!

Example is the absolute best way to lead.  Speak MORE.  Speak often.

Let your drive and hunger to speak become catchy.  Get other club members inspired by your eagerness to speak.  

Eagerness to evaluate someone.  Someone needs to hear your stories or speeches.

Someone is waiting for you to speak because your message is the EXACT message to help a fellow club member, guest, or future Toastmaster.

1st podcast of 2,000.  Club Coaches and Advocates – SOUNDCLOUD
1st podcast – Video Version: YOUTUBE
2nd podcast – 7/19 – 2 in 1 – BOGO meetings – WOW! YOUTUBE or
Two meetings in one WOW!! SOUNDCLOUD
3rd podcast – 7/19 – FULL PRODUCTION – YOUTUBE
or It CAN be a FULL TV production of effort to pull off a GREAT meeting – SOUNDCLOUD
4th podcast – 7/19 –Passion for TEAMWORK – Together Everyone achieves more – YOUTUBE 
or Core Club officers or your company team MUST have a united passion and a passion for teamwork too – Here’s Why – SOUNDCLOUD
5th podcast – 7/20 – WHEN THE DREAM IS BIG ENOUGH, the facts don’t count! SOUNDCLOUD
6th Podcast: 7/21 – What is TLI? – SOUNDCLOUDYOUTUBE VERSION
7th Podcast: 7/21 – What is Presidents Distinguished Club mean?  DCP! SOUNDCLOUDYOUTUBE VERSION 
8th Podcast: 7.21 – POINT a to Point B = Where are you?  – CC, CL, ACB, etc.  Be a better version of you!!! SOUNDCLOUDYOUTUBE VERSION
9th podcast: 7/21 – Invitation for AREA 50 Council – ALL key officers – President, VPE, VPPR, VPM – SOUNDCLOUDYOUTUBE VERSION 
10th podcast: 7/22 – Firm up those club contest dates asap – It is time…SOUNDCLOUD
YOUTUBE: Club Contest Dates – Humorous and Evaluation contest
11th podcast: Club Proxy info for Area 50 Club officers SOUDCLOUDYOUTUBE
12th podcast: Who is my past Area director 50 before me – hmm SOUNDCLOUDYOUTUBE version
13th podcast: Which TLI will your club officers be attending?  Dade, Broward or PB? Send me a text at 561-302-0051 to confirm your club officers will be at TLI – Many thx!  YOUTUBE version

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