Sara and I have Traveled to Israel 3 times. Twice together and once before we met online. We both were EARLY adopters in online dating and on the cutting edge of social media…

Sara saw Israel first.  She did have the edge over me.  She was born in Israel.  She lived the life of an Israeli at age 1 to 8.  She learned the lifestyle Israeli’s live at at early age.  Tel Aviv was her birth place and residence as an infant and child.

I saw Israel for the 1st time when I was 24.  I traveled on a collegiate tour with 40 other students during the summer.  I remember it was very very HOT.  It was a dry heat.  But it was HOT.  We traveled throughout the entire country in FIVE WEEKS!  WOW!  That truly was the trip of a life time.  We rock climbed, we stayed in youth hostels, we enjoyed the beaches of Tel Aviv, the Kibbutz in the north, called Kibbutz Natur and so much MORE!

After meeting my wife, we celebrate our 18 year anniversary THIS September 2017.  We traveled to Israel in 2005 during PASSOVER and in 2015 during winter, which was the PERFECT temperature.  I think we got lucky with the weather.

Meeting Sara’s cousins and family in Netanya and Ashdod was an amazing experience.
We were blessed to enjoy dinner with her family.  One day, her family shared a day at the zoo which was located right on a Kibbutz.  Stopping off the highway at an incredible falafel and more eatery was amazing.  The food in Israel is so amazing.  We would go back just for the food.  But, there is so much to see and appreciate in Israel.

I’ve included over 5 hours of video of our travels in the NEXT paragraph.  In 2005, we toured the TOP of Masada.  The feeling when our bus 1st drove into Jerusalem brought happy tears to our faces.  We planted our own trees in Israel too.  We saved 1 day to visit Sara’s family in Netanya.  She had not been back to visit her family since she was 8 years old.  Our tour of Ashdod and a spice store owned by a close friends parents in Tel Aviv was Incredible too.  We even toured the Christian journey to bring back to our Christian friends who have not visited Israel yet to inspire more to visit Israel.  We learned how they made bullets in the early days.  I stumbled on this video, which I believe is the first stop right after the plane landed in Israel.  Here’s another video with some of our other travel mates on a 2005 Passover tour with Margaret Morse Tours.  We traveled with Margaret Morse because my grandparents also traveled with Margaret Morse. Grandma and Grandpa have the SAME EXACT PHOTO taken at a the SAME EXACT SPOT we stood in 1 of our photos.  Talk about following in someone’s footsteps!!!!  Too funny!!! Right!! I will look for both photographs and add here asap!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Traveling with Margaret Morse enabled us to see a LOT of Israel.  Traveling to see family gave us time to learn about Sara’s family and bring us up to date from all the years away from Israel when she moved to the USA with her parents.

We highly recommend Margaret Morse Tours.  We also recommend you visit Israel.
Visit, the dead sea, Eilat, stay on a Kibbutz, visit the Shook, Visit the dead sea museum, eat lots of falafel, and the list can go on and on…..

Did you enjoy visiting Israel through our eyes?  We hope you are already planning a trip of your lifetime.

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