NEW – 5/24/17 – Early Adopter – Online Pre Charter Demonstration Toastmaster meeting –

Hi Friends, Fellow or FUTURE Toastmasters and GUESTS,

You’re INVITED on Tuesdays ONLINE!!!

Coordinating and running a Toastmaster meeting online and witnessing the benefits of a Toastmaster meeting is incredible!!

INSTANT feedback!!


Public speaking is a muscle!!

See the BLOG at for the 1st THREE entries of recent meetings online!!

Does your company have an interest in having a closed Toastmaster club?

Does your community have an interest in a OPEN Toastmaster club?

Does your retirement community have an interest in forming a Toastmaster club?

The FUN, the benefits, the skills, the stories, the mentoring, the friends, and MORE!!

best regards,
Club Sponsor, ACG ALB Paul Finkelstein
Club Mentor, ACS CL John Gentithes
See the BLOG at


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