I am very proud of my wife for taking 1st place in tonite’s Table Topics contest at our club, West Boca Toastmasters!

Have you ever entered a Toastmasters contest?  I enter as many club contests as I can.  I highly recommend everyone do the same.  The experience you get in a contest is very different from normal table topics at a normal club meeting.  In a contest you compete with your club members and fellow toastmasters.  We also ALL get the SAME topic, but we don’t get to see the speeches BEFORE  us.

As soon as we hear the topic for the 1st time, we really get practice thinking on our feet in front of an audience.  You really gain so much confidence doing an exercise like this too.

There were 7 contestants tonite.  Rachelle Klein, Rachel Spillers, Paul Finkelstein, Sara Finkelstein, John Gentithes, Keith Gallant, Michelle Allen.  I enjoyed listening to everyone compete tonite.  Everyone has their own unique style.

My wife did it again.  Sara is going on to round two, the Area 33 contest coming up on February 18.

The location will be the Boca Community Center, Boca Raton, FL at 8:00am to 1:00pm. There is a small fee like seeing a movie.  Continental breakfast will be served.

Each of us was given the SAME topic.  Topic: What makes a legend?

Amazing how Sara recalls many of the details from a movie we recently saw on the founding of Mcdonalds.  I wish I thought of it.

Sara knows the book, Grinding it out, by Ray Kroc is one of my all time favorite books.  

Congratulations to 2nd place runner up, John Gentithes, all the contestants tonite and also a special thank you to our Contest master, Dr. Lori Vinikoor, the Chief Judge, Joel Vinikoor, Sergeant-at-arms, Svetlana Shames, All today’s normal Table topics because at West Boca Toastmasters all Toastmasters get to speak and today’s Table Topics winner, Dhwani Shah.  Congratulations Svetlana for giving another speech today.  Congratulations to our guests for taking the next step and checking out our meeting.

West Boca Toastmasters truly is a fun and great team.  It is a joy to see everyone grow in their communication and leadership skills.

Paul Finkelstein
Club President
West Boca Toastmasters
10 out of 10 DCP points 2016-2017 done in 6 months!

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