I attended my very 1st “online” Toastmasters demo meeting. WOW!!!

In case you can’t make it to a Toastmasters in meeting in 142 countries, because you are so busy, with so many priorities, here is an online solution and get SOME of the benefits!  

Why do I say some?  Well, this demo meeting will work thru the obstacles and challenges with this format, but one noticeable benefit was no applause!

Will you miss the applause? 
Applause is one benefit that brings INSTANT recognition.  It also is very encouraging to hear the applause after one speaks at a Toastmasters club.

I bet there is a cool electronic solution for online.  A thumbs up the speaker can see while they are speaking maybe.
More commentary below.  Overall, by the way, a VERY awesome FUN and FRUITFUL online club.

It means you can be anywhere and get SOME of the benefits of a Toastmasters club in your Pajamas!!!
My first demo meeting online Toastmasters club!

If you have NEVER been to a Toastmaster club, I highly recommend you start right away.  For many of the reasons in my speech above and also to get the edge on life and business for anyone.  Retired folks, you can also get many benefits especially a cheap night out for entertainment that will beat any early bird events.  hehe!

After 2 plus years being very active in our Toastmasters club, I highly recommend you go and go often!  You never know what you’re going to get!  It is like a box of chocolates!  LOL!

From Table Topics to Prepared speeches, evaluations, contests and conferences to plug into to further develop your skills and confidence.

The program Toastmasters provides is very very very economical.  That means it is valued very reasonable for our worldwide community.  All people all walks of life.  All careers.  All interests.  

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