Daily I developed a hobby of developing friendships online.

Over the past 7 years I’ve noticed more and more local people I know and know through others are flocking onto social media.

I pay attention.  The increased attention to social media marketing definitely is higher today than yesterday whether you like it or not.  With 100 or 1000 online friendships you see a lot of content.  A LOT faster than offline 1 person to person.

Offline might be considered like a turtle.  It’s slow.

So I get a lot of good and not so good info about news and reactions and responses online on my own social media.

Sports, Photography, Running, business quotes, Toastmasters, local Delray Beach are some of my favorite topics to follow daily.

I watch and respond to people the SAME as you would in person, but I can do it with many and faster on social media.  It’s definitely worth it but its a learned skill.  Hi tech and low tech together.  Once you get the high tech down, the low tech is the human element.  Be you.  Be kind.  That’s my way.  Be informative.  Be humorous.  Whether you’re online on social media or in person you are just like a bartender.

Online I suggest to be like a virtual bartender.  What’s that mean?

Are you  a good host?   Are you super kind to your guests?  Do your guests leave you a tip or compliment or tell other people about your “bar”?
Your bar is whatever you’re hosting wherever you are right now.

It doesn’t matter where you are now.  It’s about being a cool host.

It’s about being a great business owner.  It’s about being a great friend.  It’s about you supplying the drinks, beverages, snacks. Are your snacks stale?  Are your snacks fresh?  Are your drinks watered down?  What I am most interested in is NOT the real bar, BUT your VIRTUAL bar.  How do you treat your online engagements?  Do you show you care?  Do you care?

What do you serve for a VIRTUAL drink or snack or virtual meal?  I’ll tell you.

You’re serving you.  Your’re serving your tips.  You’re serving a a nugget of information.  You’re being helpful.  Are you helpful?  Are you serving someone?  Are you helping someone right now?  Give something.  Give a minute or less of your time.  Give a few moments.

Give 15 seconds. Appreciate people for a short moment.  Those short moments can make ALL the difference.

How do I tend MY VIRTUAL bar?   It can be in my email reply, my text reply, my social media posts.  I try to me helpful.  I try to create a great FUN atmosphere.  We all heard of bad bars.  We heard of times when people chemistry that doesn’t mix.  I steer clear of that.  I keep it lively.  That’s how I’d tend my virtual bar.  It’s my choice.  It’s my attitude.  Are you the same way?  Would you tend your own virtual bar like I do?

One way I like to tend my virtual bar is to offer a little nugget of info or something cool I saw today.

Same like sharing a cool article I enjoyed reading.  Or give something away like an extra coupon with HUGE SAVINGS.  Why did I cap that?  Good question.  Not sale here.
But got your attention.  For a sec.

Eyeballs and attention span online is so short these days. Some say use video some say just talk normal.  Just be you.

Back to what I like.  I like to give a virtual snack through missions on Empire Kred.
I can make a mini virtual bar in what Empire Kred calls a mission.

I like to share something cool in content, and offer a virtual snack or virtual drink online.

See Empire.Kred/EDUST and see a sample mission or virtual snack sample.

Have a fantastic day!

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