4 core principles, Accepting and Presenting an award & Evaluating it all at a Toastmasters Club, South Florida, West Boca Toastmasters…

Last night Claudine Gunning, Area Director of Area 33, in Division C, Club 1978, West Boca Toastmasters, presented an award to Paul Finkelstein, me. I am humbled with this gesture to present this award as well as her selection to use my award as an opportunity to utilize the advanced speech manual SPECIALTY SPEECHES, presenting an award.  I meant everything I said too last night.  If you take advantage of a Toastmasters club, USE a clubs audience, USE their evaluators, USE their Toastmaster of the day, USE their General evaluator, USE their Table Topics master, USE their members, USE their LEADERS, I think we ALL owe a DEBT of gratitude and thanks.  One FABULOUS way to thank someone is to SERVE them. Give your TIME in a LEADERSHIP role.  Whether you are handy with a camera, complete the CL manual, what Toastmasters calls the competant leader manual, start a new club, serve as a club officer, mentor a new or veteran toastmaster, make a PR campaign in your community to share  how important a club is to our community around the world.  Our job is NOT done.  (BTW, the TINY membership fee or dues is NOT a fee for the efforts of your club team.  The membership dues or fee is just the START of your commitment to yourself to become BETTER than who you are today & to improve your community.  See you at a club soon. Right?  142 plus countries and 500,000 Toastmasters is NOT enough in the world.  It is NOT just speaking, NOT just leadership skills, NOT just stories, it IS 4 core principles the world needs to know.  INTEGRITY, SERVICE, RESPECT, EXCELLENCE.  See the TOP video to learn more. 

Below here is my accepting the award speech.

Below my evaluation by the awesome Paula Zitrin, another Toastmaster and
Leader in our community.

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