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Tonite I completed 1 of 2 speeches for my Advanced Leader Bronze credential from Toastmasters International.  I rehearsed several drafts beforehand today and some over last weekend.  With more practice, I think this is developing into a really nice presentation.  But, at it’s current state, I am still pleased with my progress.  I set out my mission to really motivate my club members.  To give back and be a leader for West Boca Toastmasters.  For the past 2 years my home club has given me the lab and place to work on my speech craft.  To hone my speaking skills.  Just following the Toastmaster system or program is ALL it takes.  And of course doing whatever it takes as well.

Designing my speech, I know I wanted a strong opening and strong closing.  I wanted to come full circle.  I am happy with using the bike dream or vision as book ends in my speech.  I thought about it after tonite’s meeting if I ended with the following question, “What IS your bike?”.  I think I like either idea.

I knew I wanted to add a touch of a personal story.  Just a touch.  But enough to make it personal.  Chatting with my fellow Toastmasters and guests in the meeting and online as well about what motivates them…
Is it the paycheck for them or you too?  What happens to YOU when the “honeymoon” phase is over at your brand new job?  Brand new Toastmaster club?  Brand new friend?  Brand new marriage?  Maybe you need a PEP TALK for all these activities or interests or life events.  We all know a pep talk or motivational speech wears off.  The very next day or are never as excited as the day you receive the information.  What do you do?  Give yourself pep talks ever hour on the hour?  I’d have to give myself pep talks all day long all night long and all year long.  I’d have to quit my job and be a professional pep talker.  But then I’d have limited time for other stuff.  So what to do? Dilemma?  NO.

We need to focus on our PMF.  Primary motivating factor.  Our crystal clear dream, vision, goals.  Personal ones.  What drives YOU or different for anyone else.   New home.  New car.  New home decorations.  New kitchen. New bike!!!!!! New vacation!! Travel!!! Cruises!!! Getting your CC, CL, ACB, ACS, ACG, DTM, ALB!!! The list is endless.  Your bucket list!! Your dream list!!! WAKE UP and visit your dream and go to bed visualizing your dream.  Sounds easy.  As easy as adding a new habit.  Discipline ourselves to do it each day for 21 days.  They say after 21 days habits start to form like CEMENT!!!   Pick your dream and habit wisely.  Success IS the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream.  So many people have said this quote.

Every speech at our our club is evaluated.  We had 3 speeches and 3 evaluators.  My evaluation is below.

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