One thing worse than voicemail is automated voice prompts. agree? Thoughts? Have a story you care to share. I know you do. Dare ya to comment about it below. LOL!

This has got to be worse than voicemail.  You seriously thought voicemail was bad?  Ha!  LOL!  Jobs are being eliminated due to this?  OMG! BTW!

Some SMALL business has no choice though.  With limited staff this does happen way too much.

Better be a kind, in demand service, sought after expert worth chasing by your prospective clientele, I know right, if you’re using this tool.  Sometimes we small   business have no choice.

We pray we connect with the right clientele everyday so it is a win win for everybody.  Win win is your game too?  Right?  

My local cable company is notorious for this cost saving strategy.  If there is 1 thing you can separate yourself from your competition, that is this, use LIVE staff.  Even have your CEO or owner pick up the phone from time to time.  Think of how your clients, patients, and prospective clients will feel?  I think much appreciated.  I think the confidence in your company doing the job increases. Solving problems which can happen in ANY  business is very smooth.

Some medical offices, cable providers, phone providers, government offices, and many offices of all types of companies try and use these types of business services. Are they effective?  And for whom are they effective?  The company?  The client?  The patient?

Just today, I called a medical company.  I spoke to over 6 staff.  I was persistent.  I was pleasant. I did NOT lose my cool.  I was better than most. I know right.  Do you have this problem in your part of the world?  Country?
I needed something FAST.  Right away.  They said they would call back.  Do not wait.  Their phone is ringing too off the hook.  After over 10 shots at it, I never felt I received the proper service, did not get what I wanted, did not know if I was getting through, BUT I did receive the fax 30 minutes later.  I wish I got a call asking if I did indeed receive it. Nothing.  How many comany can take lessons on call handling?  All of them.  If drivers need ticket school, companies need auto-prompt school too.  Just saying.  I know right.

Communication is what we are talking about.  Computers are NOT people.  Yes, cars will be driving and are on the road with no one behind the wheel worldwide – EVEN TRUCKS – We need the world to minimize this shortcut.  We need REAL people, real communication, short pleasant conversation, good customer service, without autoprompts when possible or not at all.  Who is with me?  One thing worse than voicemail  is automated voice prompts. agree? Thoughts?  Have a story you care to share. I know you do.  Dare ya to comment about it below. LOL!

Say no to recorded Auto-Prompts

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  1. I absolutely agree! The only thing worse than automated is being sent to a foreign country call center and they can’t understand you and you can’t understand them. I’ve had that fight with ATT Uverse ~ #CustomerExperience is Person to person and one with authority to satisfy the customer within reason!

    Automated systems are horrible they can’t even understand your answers.

    Fabulous topic and blog today Paul!

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