Ever Wing It????????

I know right.  You are an excellent speaker.  You have the gift of gab.  You got it all.  Or somedays you have it and other days not so much.  Ever get stumped?  Ever mess up a talk?  Ever mess up an apointment?  Ever wish you prepared a little or a lot better?  I know this is most of us on the planet.  I know most of us will not all come forward and admit it though. Fess up!  I know right.  1 on 1 meetings OR public speaking is an amazing animal.

Ever walk away from a meeting and think of what you wanted to say AFTER it was all over?

Ever wondered if you had rapport at your last meeting?  1 on 1 or public speaking.

Ever wished you had just 1 or 2 extra tools in your bucket when speaking in public? 1 on 1 or public speaking.

Ever been to a local Chamber of Commerce meeting and felt shy and didn’t meet anyone?  Or similar meeting.  1 on 1 or public speaking.

Were you like me?  Did you walk into a Chamber of Commerce meeting and talk to 1 person?  And that was the person you registered at the door?  They gave you your ticket, you walked up to the bar, asked the bartender for a water (2nd person you talked to), and looked around and people watched the entire night.  Look, nice shoes.  OMG, how can they wear that outfit?  WOW, that tie is nice, picked up a business card off the floor and drove home.  WOW, what a successful night out!  I networked.  My business is booming.  I found my next contact, friend or client from a business card someone else dropped on the floor.  Someone didn’t like that card or dropped in in error. I will never know.  This you?  It was pretty close to me.  If it is NOT you, keep reading…..

These are all curable by attending a weekly Toastmaster CLUB in over 142 countries with a 92 year track record.  No shit!  No kidding. Pardon my French. LOL!  Or sub in whatever language you wish.  You CAN do it better than your last meeting.

The skills you learn at a weekly Toastmaster meeting build on each other.  Impromptu skills give you valuable skills 1 on 1.  Interviews, mingling, at a local chamber meeting, a Board meeting, in a classroom setting, at a Restaurant, a food court, and the list can go on forever…..

Prepared speeches will give you the tools and techniques to IMPROVE what you already know.  You don’t know it all. Trust me.  No matter who you are on the planet.  Seriously.

Ever TIME your speeches?  Your impromptu talks?

You didn’t know you had to do that?  Are you boring your friends?
Are you not getting enough clients?  Are you not making friends?


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