The 4 food groups are=? Are you eating more than 4?

The 4 food groups are=?  Are you eating more than 4?


The 4 food groups are….
Costco Chicken, Egg salad, cottage cheese & Turkey chili.  What are YOUR favorite or 4 easy foods you like to eat that keep you reasonably a healthy eater?   I think we all eat only a few healthy food items each week.  3 or 4.  The stuff we eat AFTER that, is not really food.  That’s the stuff that gets us in trouble.  That’s the stuff responsible for the scale to go tilt.   You know.  You also don’t need me to list any stuff here.  You are probably eating one of those extra’s right now while reading this blog article.

If we can just stick to 3 or 4 basic cool tasty reasonably healthy choices, fill in the rest with 8 glasses of boring “water” daily all would be very good and the scale will tip in our favor.  Add some zesty SALAD to your diet too.  1 glass of prune juice can become a cool habit too.  I can hear the excuses already.  STOP IT!   It is reasonably easy to stay fit.  The discipline can be easy too.  Read this article again next week.  Read this article 5 times.  Twice for fun and entertainment and 3 times to learn it and absorb it.

You’re following some doctors orders on what to eat?  Really.  Are you?  Are you sticking to your discipline for your body?  Need help?   There are bunch of professionals or companies that have developed programs for people with ZERO DISCIPLINE.  They use their own systems.  You count calories, count numbers, use codes and even work in fit time outside or inside.

Costco Chicken, Egg salad, cottage cheese & Turkey chili are 4 of my fav food groups.  (Pollo Tropical is quite tasty too)  If these are you favorite foods too, I say eat them.  Eat them often as you like.  But, limit how much you eat at each meal.  Restaurants seem to have HUGE portions. Why?  They are marketing to us with their menu and chefs and big plates.  They want to make money.  They want to provide value when dining out.  They don’t care that you stuff your face.  It’s ok to say NO to stuffing your face.  Really.  You can do it.  I NEVER ate cottage cheese in my younger years and a lot of older years.  I discovered it is a protein.  I discovered it is easy to prepare on a busy day.  Turkey chili sounds complicated.  It is not.  Far from it.  2 ingredients.  a jar of salsa. Pick your spice level.  Mild or hot.  And ground turkey.  Instant chili.  Amazing! And make a bunch for the week.  The 4 food groups are=?  Are you eating more than 4?  Cut out eating the stuff outside these four groups.  Sub fish for costco chicken is cool too. See you at the scale at the end of the week.  I hope the scale reads the number you like this week too.


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