Onions can make you happy. Seriously.


Onions can make you happy.  Seriously.   But see below the real reason for this blog entry.  Yes, it is true.  This powerful veggie has the power to make us cry lots of tears on demand with just 1 slice.  Words can do the same.  Just a simple story for today.  On the way back from a walk my wife and I stopped off at Walmart to pick up a few things for dinner last night.  This onion was one of the 10 items we picked last night.  Of course we used the 10 item of less cashier.  It’s faster right?  I know what you’re thinking.  Not always the case right.  I did notice the cashiers name badge.  Peggy it said.  I said, nice to meet you Peggy.  How many Walmart customers walk right past the cashier of the day and don’t even say hi?  Good question.

I  think everyone on the planet should wear a name badge.  If the retail store teams are kind enough to wear their name on their badge, maybe we ALL should do the same.  Did you know Dale Carnegie, the Human Relations EXPERT, said, the MOST important thing to any of us is the sound of our name?   Try it and you will find out. See how much attention you get from your audience of 1 or 10,000 by recognizing them by name.  Of course you can’t memorize 10,000 names on the spot.  But, you can acknowledge them by greeting them at the beginning of your speech or a few words into your speech.  At a Toastmaster meeting, we say, Fellow Toastmasters and Most Welcome Guests and Dignitaries.  This acknowledges those you don’t know the names but still treats the audience as important people. VIP’s.  I urge you to do this.  You will immediately command respect, especially with eye contact too.  We are all important.  Think about wearing a name badge or a simple paper one.  Don’t wait for a group to give you one.  Take initiative and bring one for you and maybe bring one for 2-3 others.  Handing out a name badge might be MORE effective than your business card.  The business card is so they can remember you later.  The portrait on the card will help them remember you later.  The name badge will break the ice, build rapport and build a bridge.

At the cash register, after the cashier bagged our onions, the five onions slipped off the bagging area and 1 got a way and rolled toward the door.  A kind Walmart customer picked it up and brought the onion back to us.  We left the store with 5 onions.  We were happy to see our onions go home with us so we can serve up a nice salad and breakfast omelette.  Use name tags.  Buy onions.  Smile.


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