We started off as cavemen and cavewomen. We became Toastmasters. Are we becoming Cave people again? Help me, Fellow and Future Toastmasters. Here is THE magic word. Do you own a business, still work, or wish to get an edge on life for social reasons? All good reasons.

Being a Cavemaster sounds cool, but being a Toastmaster has an EXTREME COMPETITIVE EDGE FOR LIFE & BUSINESS.

Question is, Are YOU ready for the EDGE?

Ready to take your social or business life UP a NOTCH????? ……Keep READING…..

I attend a weekly meeting offline which is quite competitive.  Time for online too!  Each meeting there are awards.  The best table topic. The best evaluater.  I earned my ALB & ACS and 2 CC manuals so far.  I serve as President of my current club.  I also served as club Vice President of Public Relations in 2014-5. I also served 2 years giving my photography services to my club, area, division AND district.  All of it is rewarding.  All of it is positive change.  Seeing new members change and grow and seeing fellow Toastmasters change and grow and move forward is rewarding too.  Seeing ourselves change and grow is rewarding too.  We compete for ribbons.  BEST Table topic!  BEST Evaluation!  Best at the club to compete in our area, division and District and world!  Table topics, humorous contests, international speech contest, evaluation contest.

We compete for fun.  We compete for self help.  We compete to get an EDGE on life and business.

Each club is on average 25 attendees.  Why?  At this size everyone gets a chance to speak and grow and lead.

Is this YOU?<–EVERY WEEK!! Check your Time!!

Did you skip the top headline?  Here it is again.  We started off as cavemen and cave women.  We became Toastmasters.  Are we becoming Cave people again?

 It’s not just texting and driving that’s a concern.  It’s our smart devices and driving too.  Smart devices are quickly competing with every single one of us.  Many people of ALL AGES are chatting without looking up.  

Eyeball to Eyeball is being eliminated with screen to screen.  The ability to communicate face to face might be causing an abundance of introverts.  The ability to communicate without a little screen (phone), medium screen (tablet), HUGE SCREEN (Flat screen TV) is being threatened.

Are you turning into a ZOMBIE already?  Am I too late?  HURRY!!!

It all might have started with using text to dump a date.   No need to have long drawn out upsetting chats.  Of course, the ability to get right to the point got way too efficient.  No longer do we have to face our opponent.  

We can be across the world or at the same table.  We send a text and its done.

ANYTHING from proposals, to appointments, dates, business deals, cross country friendships, global friendships (Whatsapp), and your creativity can imagine so many users NOT ever communicating face to face.

My wife and I were about to meet my grandparents in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  We stopped at a Dunkin Donuts.  We ordered 2 Latte’s.  We sat at a TINY table for two.

The table next to us was another tiny table for two, but it was surrounded by 6 girls ALL wearing 2 piece bikinis!  My wife and I noticed.  Who wouldn’t notice?

I can tell you who didnt notice.  All 6 girls at that table. It appeared they all were talking to each other and I assume checking social media, texts, email, games and whatever.  They looked like sitting ZOMBI’s!!!!!!!!

Should we have run away immediately?

Were we in grave danger???  Were the 6 girls in grave danger???  Were they indeed Zombi’s????  We did escape.  The didn’t eat us. They couldn’t eat us.  They didn’t even notice we were there.  We were 6 inches from there table.  There eyes were screen to screen. LOL! or Not LOL!  Yikes!

Business people can use these same tools, but I think we would be missing out on many business tools by only using the new screen E-Meet syndrome.

We could be in dire straights.  All business sales could be severely dropping because of lack of communication, NOT too much high tech communication.

Fortunately, Super Toastmaster Paul and Team to the rescue!  More Toastmaster clubs are cropping up everywhere.  People of ALL ages and stages are interested in FACE TO FACE again.  Skills can be retaught.  Skills can be learned at any age.

Public speaking skills the low tech high touch ways are amazingly in HIGH DEMAND.  The first 10 speeches at a Toastmaster club have the EXACT skills to reverse the CAVEPEOPLE TREND.  

Vocal Variety.  Try that on a screen.  The Emoticon fever won’t cut the mustard. The smiley face is touchy feely, but EYE BALLS and EYE CONTACT LIVE in person is a type of body language we humans must focus on today.

Did you know body language can help all communication by as much as 60% according to scientific studies???

If you are interested, contact Paul immediately. 561-302-0051

BOTTOM LINE:   You will be amazed at the program. <–ENTER!!!

GUESTS ARE FREE as long as you need to EVALUATE our group.  NEW members ready to meet at as many weekly meetings as possible, there will be a small fee for 6 months at a time will cover materials, supplies, and or venue costs.

We ALL started off as cavemen and cavewomen.  We became Toastmasters.  Are we becoming Cave people again?

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