Did you see my manual for driving for dummies yet? LOL! It is no joke when your driving is worse than a poke.

Did you see my manual for driving for dummies yet?  LOL!  It is no joke when your driving is worse than a poke.  I am thinking of going door to door and giving it away FREE OF CHARGE and not charging for it.  The world desperately needs remedial driving lessons asap for my Floridian residents and tourists.  Will you please help me NOW and let’s go house to house.  Together we can get RRRRR done.  We need to fix the dumb drivers down here FAST!  Better, yet, let’s skip the doot to door, the rap on that is so bad, we need to go window to window.  Car window to car window.  We’ll pull up to cars at stop lights, traffic signals, stop signs, and distribute our driving for dummies manual on ever street corner in Florida.  We will soon have the TOP best drivers in the world in Florida when our mission is complete.  When every car window and driver has seen our manual for dummies.

Just this morning on the way to work I saw the SAME drivers like I always do EVERYDAY on Linton BLVD, Delray Beach, FL.  My commute is only 6 miles one way.  In rush hour, the time adds a mere 15 additional minutes.  Business taught me that time IS money.  The SAME exact stuff you notice on the way to your job or next appointment.  The LEFT LANE is being used as the slow lane or right lane.  The BRAKE is being used excessively by drivers of all types shapes and sizes.   SWITCHING LANES without mirrors creating MORE NEAR MISSES THAN ___________!!!  (Fill in the blank)  Drivers resist URGE TO TEXT OR CALL OR EMAIL FROM THEIR SMART DEVICE almost causing a DUMB ACCIDENT changing lives forever.  The manual is simple.  Review ALL THE ABOVE with everyone you see.  Tourists and residents of YOUR CITY _____ (insert here).

Jump on our campaign NOW and go car window to car window ASAP!  Tell your NEWEST FRIEND to look at DRIVINGFORDUMMIES.COM Save lives!  Help our community be MORE CAREFUL when on the roads.
Ok.  This is done as a parody, but kidding aside, maybe we can do better, train our community neighbors and tourist DRIVERS on an ongoing basis.  Thoughts? Agree?

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Public Speaking for a better world: WestBocaToastmasters.org
Putyourbestfaceforward.NET in FLORIDA (60 second demo)


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