Our very 1st cappuccino machine! When you get something new, do you use it often or break it in slowly? Thoughts?

Our very 1st cappuccino machine!  When you get something new, do you use it often or break it in slowly?  Thoughts?  A dear friend of my wife sent us a cappuccino machine.  Both my wife and I NEVER used a machine like this.  Sara went out with a friend, I stayed home and studied two pages.  The diagram and what each item on the diagram represented.  1 item I had no idea what the function on the machine would do.  It was called the tamper.  The instructions said to tamper lightly.  Push lightly.  So I pushed it lightly.  What happened?  Nothing.  Oh.  Its only function is to LEVEL off the coffee grinds in the filter holder.  OHHHHH!  Got it.  Got the picture?

Now this weekend I practiced and practiced on a house guest and Sara.  I made a LOT of expresso and cappuccino.  I even ran water through and made a hot chocolate.  Yum.  Maybe I’ll try lemon grass in the filter holder.  The steamer is a lot of fun or maybe it’s STILL too new.  I pictured a lot of cleaning, but it’s not much.  Maybe even faster than using the regular coffee machine.  Ok, maybe I’m the last one my age to have a machine like this in the home or maybe I have a new appreciation for the Barista at Dunkin, Starbucks or your local coffee shop/cafe.

Today is day 3 and I love our cappuccino machine.  I feel like the bartender in my home.  The Barista.  So fancy.  OMG, the coffee filter also takes a K-cup too.  I heard you pay for the plastic and few ounces of coffee.  Is it worth it to get the K-cup?  Do you manage the grinds or get the portion cups?  Maybe the extra seconds saves LOTS of time?  How else can we save time with services in our community?  1 comes to mind.  What am I thinking?  Still in the honeymoon phase of a new appliance too?

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