Pictures, Portraits,Photos,make us do things. Agree? Thoughts?

Pictures, Portraits,Photos,make us do things.  Agree?  Thoughts?  I saw a picture in the early days of social media around 2004 on someone profile.  I think his name was Randy.  It was a picture I assume of Randy, himself crossing a finish line in a full 26.2 marathon.  i didn’t do anything at that point.  I didn’t go sign up to run a marathon at that point.  But that was the photo 1st responsible for my running hobby and passion.   I now read running world magazine.  Thanks Randy.  I think you have no idea the impact a picture has when you first see it!  You have no idea if a seed has been born or it’s just a tear sheet from an old paper magazine at the bottom of the circular file or trash can.  Not the digital one on your desktop or laptop but the one under your desk or under your kitchen sink.


Picture have tremendous impact.  HUGE!  How can 1 picture make me run 26.2 miles?  It did!  It all started with that photo Randy randomly posted on social media.  You can impact people so much from photos!  And now that EVERYONE has a camera attached to their hand 24, 7, 365 days a year, that’s a whole lotta impacting.  Hope 100% of the pics are for the positive good worldwide.  My wish for all.


Either you share someone’s pic or take one and share it, you have huge power!   It’s all true!  In this new blog entry, I’ll be sure to include a few pics.  I hope it brings some memories, some seeds for your dreams planted today, seeds for a new job, new client, new book to read, new tools, anything positive in your life is my wish.  I posted already over 2000 pics just from my mobile device since 99 til now!  Some you forget about and then see and it brings back thoughts.  It’s all good.  It’s part of your lesson.  Some you learn now and some you learn later.  Take more pictures or pose in more portraits.  For business or pleasure. Cheers!


Add power to a pic and make it hyperlink!  What’s a hyperlink?  Ok, link.  Just link.  Hover over ANY pic above and see where I take you surfing NEXT.  LOL!

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