My experience at an area 32/33 speech contest District 47 Toastmasters. Boca Community Center. Boca Raton, FL. 9:00am-1:00pm. Evaluation Contest & Humorous Contest. I made some notes. I observed. I laughed. I learned. You should attend the NEXT one. It is fabulous! Grow with us! No one knows it all! No one! Agree? Thoughts?


My experience at an area 32/33 speech contest District 47 Toastmasters.  Boca Community Center.  Boca Raton, FL. 9:00am-1:00pm.  Evaluation Contest & Humorous Contest.  I made some notes.  I observed.  I laughed.  I learned.  You should attend the NEXT one.  It is fabulous!  Grow with us!  No one knows it all!  No one!  Agree?  Thoughts?  This morning the alarm clock went off!  Leap out of bed, shower, business attire to business casual, out the door, and enhanced continental breakfast awaited us at the Boca Community center.  My wife was a contest functionary.  That’s a snazzy official term for volunteer.  I looked at the program on our seats.  The date September 17, only 9 days away from our 17th wedding anniversary.

I sat in the second row.  Sara sat at the registration table by the door in the back.  I made notes and filled out a judges ballot to see if I would come close to what the real judges decide at the end of the contest.  I personally want to see bigger gestures next time from the speakers or future speakers.  The back of the room can’t see small movement.  Just my personal thoughts.  I thought 1 of the speakers spoke a little on the fast side.  I can appreciate a smooth pace with adequate pauses.  Some speakers uses the entire stage area or podium and others used a slice of the stage.  The content of the speeches was intriguing topics.  I’d definitely cancel my cable and attend the contests as often as I can or when they have them.  Creative talks.  Communicating in a foreign language, comparing men and women, and your childhood hero. LOL!!!!!  One them was forgive and forget.  Powerful topic.  Love the analogy of coal and diamonds in another speech.  I learned you can only get 2 speeches credited in any manual outside your club.  I learned Henry Ferguson our fearless Division C Director needs a raise.  I’ll help him out next time.  Long Distance and family has its challenges.  Karen’s talk was funny.  The talk about comcast customer service was so funny by John Gentithes.  It was funny, but we all seem to have stories just like that one!  CRAZY!  I hope comcast service works out their robot phone service.  You know.  Right?  LOL!  One speaker suggests to speak from the heart whether an evaluation or a speech.  I like it.  Here is a tip to get your hands to stay at your sides instead of excessive gestures.  Look in mirror, talk your speech while holding to gallon water jugs.  GOOD IDEA.  

The contest chair, Judy, said this remark at the beginning.  It stuck in my head.  I leave it as parting thoughts from todays event.  “Recognize the best, encourage the rest”.

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  1. As always the blogs are great …. If I agree with anything …. Nothing makes a great speech more authentic them speaking from the heart and with a lot of humor ~ be you! You are awesome!

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