How much is your time worth? What is your fee? Per minute?

How much is your time worth?  What is your fee?  Per minute?  I am very serious.  Are you winging your day?  Are you letting others take advantage of your skills, time, expertise and effort?  Here is an easy way to think about your time.  What do you currently get paid per hour?  Divide it and now you have what you are worth per minute.  Right.  Is it right where you want to be?  Are you paid enough for your time?   Is there mutual give and take?  Do you want a raise?  Do you need a raise?  When was your last raise?  What did you do to justify a raise?  Did you increase your value?  Ah.  Ah.  Ah.

We all have the same time.  We all have to go to sleep and rest.  We are human. At least the ones reading this, right.  168 hours in a week.  24 hours in a day.  There is no way to squeeze more time.  Agree?  Subtract out sleep.  Subtract out what you do during your day.  Subtract out your family time and me time.  Subtract out meals.  Time is short. Right. I know.

Time management can be an essential thing right.  That is an understatement.  That is the million dollar question.  Where are you spending your time?  After this blog post I know someone is rethinking their week right now.  I expect after this exercise and analyzing your value you will have come up with a better realistic income or fee for yourself.  Take the next step and sell yourself to your boss at your fair more appropriate fee.  Market yourself in line with your value.
Now this blog will come in at about 300 words.  How much time have you spent reading this blog post?  1 minute?  2 minutes?  Did you like it?  Do I owe you $.60 cents or $4.00?  (For your time)
Seriously, time and your value is valued very much.  To help our community learn time management and other leadership skills, check out a Toastmasters club near you in 142 countries and growing.  90 years of training.  Thank you Ralph Smedley.

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