Let’s analyze the improvements in life.

Let’s analyze the improvements in life.  The radio I heard used to be the center of the family hub way before the television or youtube.  You mean to tell me people actually gathered around the radio to listen?  That’s what my grandparents and parents told me.  Yours too?  Are we headed full circle all the time?  Did the podcast just bring that back?  You can turn on ANY podcast of thousands today and gather with your friends and family NOW thanks to zillions of smart devices.  The power we have in our hands dwarfs those old time huge radios our families used to gather near.  Your smartphone is your podcast central hub, your reach out and touch someone with a thought, family news, world news, email news, browser news, your personal calendar, app up the wazoo and how much more will this go?

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Let’s analyze the improvements in life.  The TV and the radio had FEW channels back when.  NOW the number of channels feels unlimited and new ones coming out everyday all over the world.  Someone came up with the brilliant idea to be able to change the channel on either one without having to get up and do it.  A remote control.  Today, people actually have to get up to get the remote to ultimately change the channel.  What we might need is a remote for the remote.  I don’t know if I heard a comedian actually say this or it came to me.  Just now the thought occurred to me.  Just saying.  How would a remote get a remote actually work?   Maybe we wouldn’t lose the remote if it was permanently attached?  The thought of that is not something I’m interested.

I recall having to get up myself to change my parents TV.  Our Sony TV had a channel selector.  I think the channels went as high as 13.  Then the cable box came out.  We had to put the TV on channel 3, install a cable box we still use today and gazillions of channels came to that simple limited function TV.  NOW TV this year became available on our smartphones.  The FULL channel lineup is now on our phones.  No kidding.  Let’s analyze the improvements in life.  Some improvements are flat out dumb.  Other improvements are incredibly amazing!!!  Social media didn’t exist when we had the TV or early radios, BUT, wonder what improvements we will see in 10 to 50 years on social media.
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