Remember the game Whack a Mole at county fairs and carnivals? In essence it was an incentivized goal. You WON a teddy bear! So you could make someone else happy! Having a goal and a prize gave you drive! Focus! Agree?

Remember the game Whack a Mole at county fairs and carnivals?  In essence it was an incentivized goal.  You WON a teddy bear!  So you could make someone else happy!  Having a goal and a prize gave you drive!  Maybe something simple like coming home to a smile, says Sage.  Gives us Focus!  Agree?  What other life goals have you been chasing that you received a PRIZE at the end for having accomplished your goal?  You have and might not realize it.  Did your parents get you to get a A+ in school with a tantalizing prize?  What was it?
Upon High School graduation, did your family take you to a Broadway show?   When you scored the winning goal in your favorite sport did your team or coach or family show their appreciation in some sort of ritual or gift?  Maybe you graduated college?  If you did, did you receive the prize of your life or the job of your life or a new car?  Let’s hear YOUR story NOW.  Watch today’s Facebook live.  Reply by making your own Facebook live. Send me the link to your video. Paste your link in the comments in my video. Ready?


When I played soccer in high school I tried very hard to improve every soccer practice.  When the coach and the team captains said to run around the whole field doing Indian sprints I ran my guts out.  I could have done much better, but I did put in a ton of effort too.  I scored for the team a few times, but most of the time half back, full back and forward were my positions back then.  After 4 years on the team, I was honored to receive my prize I keep today.  It reminds me of what happens when you put in the effort, see progress and improve.  The trophy was big, it had my name on it, and it read MOST IMPROVED PLAYER.  My classmate, Mark in my grade was awarded the Most Valuable Player.  He was that good.  He was the USAIN BOLT of today, then.  Mark really could BOLT across the soccer field. Point here, every wants to be recognized.  Even when you give yourself your own goal, and you achieve it, it is nice to share your success with others.  But, don’t forget to set another goal right away.  It is this drive, the hunger, when chasing a goal WITH A prize, that makes life exciting.  When we are chasing goals and achieving more goals our communities and family and friends also thrive.  Yes, sometimes it’s getting the laundry done, again says Sage of My Sage Advice.  Your example is contagious.  I am completing more speeches at my local Toastmasters club.  I have 2 more speeches as of this article til my Advanced Communicator Silver award.  I just achieved my Competent Leader award just recently.  Ready to choose another goal? Comment below what you’re aiming for today and in the future at ANY age.  Even a retired golfer isn’t satisfied with his or her golf score.  Age has NOTHING to do with goals.  Go for it!

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