Why should we put our best face forward? (Answer)

Why should we put our best face forward? Why? Why? Why?  Good Question.  Right.  Why should we wear a suit on an interview?  Why should we get a haircut?  Why do ladies put on make up?  Why  do people go to the gym?  Why do some people buy the very best shoes?  Why do people take vitamins?  Why do people buy new clothes?  I think you know why. Why should we put our best face forward? Why? Why? Why?  To stand out.  To look our best. To compete.  To be unique.  To be a winner.

To be or not to be.  There are 3 things people do.  Look good. Cover their backside.  And being right.  Fear of all these things makes us do these things.  Maybe.  Think about it.  First of all, F.E.A.R. is False evidence appearing real.  You already look good the way you are before you leave where you live.  Before you leave your mirror.   But, people judge.  Judges judge. Jury’s judge.  Friends judge.  Some photographers are our friend.  These people want to photograph us in the best light.  Ah.  But, we already look good.  Yes.  But, the lighting changes all around us.  1 dynamic pose is all we need to put our very best face forward.  Why should we put our best face forward? Why? Why? Why?

My very first website was in one of the first web communities when AOL was in its prime.  It was called Hometown AOL.  It was a way anyone could make one of the first template sites.  I made one in 2 seconds.  It was very very simple.  It asked me to upload a portrait.  I had just photographed myself with a Tuxedo vest and bowtie.  I had just been to the hair stylist.  I had just given myself a clean shave.  My clothes were clean and fresh.  My attitude was right.  I was set to have a fantastic day.  I was full of optimism that day.  I included a hyperlink or link with my new online profile for online dating.  I assume online dating is quite mainstream today.  But, when I did it, I think I was considered one of the early adopters.  Why did I use a portrait of me in a bow tie and sharp wing tipped tuxedo shirt?  To stand out from the rest of my competition.  To be unique.  To be different.  What I did next you won’t believe your eyes though.   But it worked.  It all worked.  My initial 1st impression worked.  I’m glad I didn’t use my disposable camera back then to take a selfie for this personal project.  Today it is too easy to use a selfie stick and a smart handheld device called a smartphone to become your own photographer.  The average photographer.  BTW, by the way, everyone IS a photographer today, NOW.  Having a camera attached to your hand 24-7 does make you a photographer.  I didn’t say the best photographer. I said photographer.  Admit it.  Point and shoot photography does not consider the light or the pose or the crop of a trained eye.  Right.  Why should we put our best face forward? Why? Why? Why?  To be or not to be.  To be a great photographer is more than the camera.  A lot more.  Some got it.  Some don’t.  Like any profession, a carpenter, a plumber, a doctor, a fiduciary, seeing through the eyes of a trained expert has tremendous value.  Why should we put our best face forward? Why? Why? Why?

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  1. well Paul – what you have presented seems like a simple question that might perhaps lend itself to a simple answer but –
    ——— there are many different perceptions to deal with and that is why for whatever reasons that strike different people at different moments in their lives and from different perspectives – there are many different instances that people are constantly choosing to let their professional portraits aside and allowing themselves to be seen in a more relaxed and more “socially” acceptable atmosphere – situations that make them seem more humane and approachable and all different ideas that they may come up with depending on different elements of perception that they garner from within their understanding of the world from within their own individual Universe – and in all honesty – there is no way to understand much of what is acceptable and more desirable to different people in today’s world when they present themselves – that is the way it is – but – the only thing that can be done – as a professional photographer or artist – is to remain ready to create the best that we can when a person does choose to come to such a professional – at the most reasonable cost and as close to what vision the client has in their own minds that they wish to achieve –


  2. glad you got the be ready part – but educate is a tough thing to do since not all people make good students and even if they do they all do not want to be educated either –

    but there is something that I was thinking about the other day – now let me see – what was that –

    oh – about businesses in general – too many of them are designed or set up or require or demand or developed in such a way – by their founders or owners or whoever is running them – to require – or need or necessitate for their existence – to have too many other people – whether clients or customers – purchase too much from them – simply for them to stay in business –

    for example – I passed a Carvel store the other day opening at 11:00 AM and I was glad that they did not open at 7:00AM or 8:00AM expecting for customers to be piling up at their door at that time of the morning – but in general their is a whole lot of space and machinery and rent and lighting and heating?air conditioning costs that go into such a store to have it running and waiting and everything else that it does including advertising and marketing and sales and coupons all to have a certain amount of people running in their eating ice cream or buying a birthday cake or whatever flying saucer they may dream up from outer space – and that put a whole lot of pressure on the owners or managers of the shops and the customers and clients to do a whole lot of business for these places to stay in existence and to remain profitable whether people want the stuff they are selling on a constant and consistent basis or not –

    and so – if you are understanding what I am saying here – I would suggest for many of these types of businesses to team up with other businesses and to not put so much pressure on themselves and not so much pressure on the customer and clients such that the entire society that we live in becomes more relaxed and laid back and there is then not so much drive to attempt to force people – cajole or trick or even educate them to into wanting what is being offered to the public –

    perhaps this might then remove a great deal of tension and stress in many different areas of life and may even remove other types of stereotypes that may or may not exist because of the practices that businesses have adopted in their ways of conducting themselves –

    if this is not clear enough for you to understand – please let me know here and I certainly will go into more details for sure –

  3. perhaps baby steps are best but also – because you may see an ocean liner in the ocean in front of you and you have been able to swim a little bit or even a lot over time – does mean you must go and follow the ocean liner –

  4. when to look good?

    great chat with Walter, but i’ll say again, putting our best face forward is always a good thing anytime or anywhere….you might want to BE READY and look good digitally or in person…your NEXT client or friend or whoever will form an impression…i think better to start high and look good then look too casual in the beginning….

    casualness might lead to casualties…heard that one?

    dress down i am all for it, just NOT on the 1st impression…


    best regards
    ps. Maybe we should call this a Dear Abby column…lol

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