What is the meaning of the phrase in a nutshell?

What is the meaning of the phrase in a nutshell?  There are so many phrases we learn in our younger years that become part of everyday talk.  One of those phrases is IN A NUTSHELL.  If you don’t know what it means you can click on the bolded caps and see what google says it means.  And I’m going to tell you my thoughts on the topic in a 300 word blog!  Ha!  Talk about getting to the point.

In Toastmasters our club leaders have taught my wife and I the importance of time management when speaking or communicating or leading for that matter. Our audience might be in a hurry, be pressed for time or the meeting agenda can only be so long are some of the challenges we all face everyday of our lives.  What is the meaning of the phrase in a nutshell?

This is a good question. Right.  Our meeting at our local Toastmasters club is exactly 1 and 1/2 hours.  We lease space.  It is a phenomenal space.  Perfect for our size club.  With 40 members and upwards of close to 30 members attending weekly, we don’t have a lot of time to waste as our goal is to get EVERYONE to speak at EACH weekly meeting.  So saying as FEW WORDS as possible is key.
Not easy for many people or Toastmasters that move through the program.  When you get comfortable you might love to talk, but you also get comfortable with listening and being more concise as well during club meetings and real business meetings or family meetings or maybe a date and an interview.

Toastmasters can help you get to the point in as FEW WORDS as possible.  Some learn this sooner than later, but our club is a family friendly environment to ease into the program and process of self development.   What is the meaning of the phrase in a nutshell?   Did I answer your question in a nutshell?  LOL!

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