You had me at hello. And also like, buy and tweet….

You had me at hello. And also like, buy and tweet….Years ago it was JUST hello.  Can anyone remember when you had to meet some without an electronic device?  Well besides the touchtone or Rotary phone.  If you can remotely consider one of those devices being electronic in todays standards.  One might have said you had me at a letter or a while your were out phone message pad.  How else might you have had someone’s attention as the basic hello?  You had me at hello. And also like, buy and tweet….

Today you can say hi in other languages without even knowing a single word in any language but your own thanks to translating apps or sites like google translate and Facebook.  You had my at GPS, SIRI, and Car horn!  The car horn is another way people still communicate.  You had me at car horn.  Right.  I bet that is one way people would choose not to remember you whether you’re the one getting cut off in traffic or doing the cut off in traffic.  I know you’re a perfect driver.  YOU never did that right!  Ha ha ha!

Jerry Maguire in the movie of course used this line and gave it life.  We go through life trying to get someones attention and they never see the signs.  Or someone is trying to get our attention and we fall blind to their communication.  We fail to listen.  They fail to listen.  They or us or you fail to get the message across.  It happens.  Mood.  Lack of preparation.  Other focus.  Lots of reasons.  You had me at hello. And also like, buy and tweet….Can our communication and leadership improve?  Of course they can.  How can we all start noticing others better?  How can we slow down, stop, listen without using our mental car horns and getting too sensitive?

You had me at hello. And also like, buy and tweet…. (Buy is the NEW like!)
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  1. Most of what you are saying is true, but some of it is human nature. People were walking into telephone poles and mail boxes long before any electronic devices were in vogue. Lack of attention is part of our heritage and today we have given it more to be inattentive operating.

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