Reading the 5000 page instruction manual for a new camera can be daunting. No?

Reading the 5000 page instruction manual for a new camera can be daunting. No?  Will you use every bell and whistle on your camera?  There are so many many features that come with cameras these days!  So many of the features do something to the other features.  WOW!  Getting the camera onto manual?  Setting up the ISO?  How to record video?  How to get the images off your camera and onto your computer? Where does the film go?  Just kidding! LOL!

Opening the box and taking things just one step at a time is probably the BEST recommendation.  Whenever you feel overwhelmed in almost anything, take a step back and write out a to do list of everything you want to learn and do with your camera.  Then CIRCLE your TOP 3 things you want to learn about your camera today.  Then learn those 3 things today only.  Practice them.  Only those three things.  3 features a day will get you closer to better photographs tomorrow. Reading the 5000 page instruction manual for my new camera can be daunting. No?  I know right.  WOW!

For me, I would recommend you start thinking about these three items.  Get an EXTRA battery.  I can’t tell you how many times when you’re waiting on a line offline from your computer haha at a tourist destination and your batteries konk out or expire.  I probably made thousands of dollars photographing Santa Claus just because my clients camera couldn’t photograph one more time due to a bad battery.  Good for me, but an easy fix by having a SECOND BATTERY.

Number 2, Have at least 2 memory cards.  Remember, you have to have film in your camera to record your memories right?  I mean, you MUST have your memory card in the camera to record images too.  haha!  How embarrassing to take snapping photographs and there is no memory card in your camera.  Some cameras show an image on the back of the camera even when there is no memory card inside.  Crazy right.  I’ve seen it happen and that’s one mistake you make once in your life.  Reading the 5000 page instruction manual for my new camera can be daunting. No?  What page was that on? Oy!  Don’t do this mistake!  Yikes!

Get two external hard drives.  Keep two copies of your images or photographs.  And also select your favorite images you absolutely do not want to lose and make real prints.  Real prints are the only thing you can guarantee will be around for a long while.  Do you really know if your Facebook profile or any social media profile will be around forever?   They say it’s cool to share with all our digital friends and family far and near on social media and email and text and and and…..So many electronic devices to remember right?  Reading the 5000 page instruction manual for my new camera can be daunting. No?   So do remember to backup your prized possessions.  Your photographs that you really care about.

I recommend an external card reader that you can take the memory card out of your camera and use to upload the images or photographs OFF your memory card and ONTO your computer for later processing.  Try to process your photographs the SOONER the better.  You will forget when and where you photographed them, right?  Time keeps on ticking and ticking.  Right?  Well these 3 tips will probably overwhelm the less technical peeps.  For some of you I know your halfway thru skimming the manual.  The rest are taking it in baby steps.  Enjoy it! Soak up your new camera. Your new baby!  Have FUN!
Maybe you’ll even start a photography business one day on the side.  That’s a whole another blog post and topic right.  Lots to learn.

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