How do you select the best camera for yourself?

How do you select the best camera for yourself? 

That’s a very good question.  What if you’re a beginner and you have no idea about the inner workings of a camera?  Recently a friend and fellow Toastmaster asked me for some help.  

First comes what they want in a camera then came how much budgeted.  I bet most of us have big eyes little stomach mentality whether food or items. I’m in the category myself. It’s not our fault. Manufacturers and retailers market to us with their own big eyes too. Right. Yes or yes? How do you select the best camera for yourself?

Select a friend who is a professional for help.  A friend who has the giving spirit. A friend who is involved in your daily circles. A friend who has connections to get what you want but also advise you on when you might be overdoing it in the budget department.  Now don’t mistake budget for dreaming big. First  get a starter camera at your budget for sole purpose of learning. Next upgrade when your ready. No use getting a camera if your not going to use it right. Or fully use it. 

I knew my friend wanted something above a point and shoot. Higher caliber than a smart phone which. Not a tablet. A camera body with detachable lenses. It’s called a DSLR. Digital single lends reflex. Next we wanted to decide what subject matter or interest he’d be photographing.  People, landscapes, other items.  Close up or far away. Lighting scenarios came up in conversation.  

So how do you select the best camera for yourself?  With help of course. Trusted help.  Definitely the same way you might select just about any professional. I mentioned to my friend we want the best lens we can afford but since it’s a starter camera let’s not worry too much.  We stepped away from anything over $1000.  

Let’s be sure dust will not fall on top of the camera nor anywhere in the camera nor on the lens neither. Right.  Of many camera resources at my disposal, the World Wide Web, other opinions, etc, we narrowed the decision to two. This week we decided. Next blog post.  Beginning photograph, lessons, one day lessons all over the country, YouTube videos, local photography guilds, and amateur clubs.

Overall I’m pleased. I know my resources.  Now to assist my friend with his photography knowledge. Of course everyone learns at their pace. Might like to learn on own too. But I’m here if help is requested. Reading the manual of these manufacturers can be daunting is an understatement. That can be another blog or speech right. How do you select the best camera for yourself?

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