Do you really buy a pen?

Do you really buy a pen? I mean.  Really. Do you really buy a pen?  On my desk I have a stack of pens I love to write with during the day.  Across from my desk is another small stack.  In my draw is another larger stack.  I don’t know where all these  pens come from but it seems they multiply.  If the pen fairy can get together with my sock collection in my laundry room just maybe I wouldn’t have any single divorces socks. Right?

Where do all my pens come from?  Where do all your pens come from?  Do you really buy a pen?  Do you have a bunch of pens too?  In my area business’ are always giving away pens to keep their name in front of us so we remember them.  You too?

It’s getting to the point where I need to have a pen garage sale.  Set up a table outside my home with just pens.  Right.  Maybe pens is one of those items that excites people?  Are you one of those people that gets excited about office supplies?  What is so exciting about a stapler or a highlighter or a fresh clean spiral notebook?  Ooooh  Ahhhh.  Either your totally bored or this short blog is making your pen fever or office supply habit come alive once again.  Hungry for another pen?  No?  You got plenty too?  Hungry for another highlighter color?  No?  You got your fill for this week?

Do you really buy a pen? Now how long do these pens work?  Did you ever place a date on your pens?  And then track it down to the last use?  Or all of a sudden, poof, no ink!!!  Right in the middle of an important message or note your jotting down!!! Are you even still using a pen??????  Are you pen and pencil and paper FREE yet????  Is it getting to that point??

It might be.  Well, for 30 and over maybe. Do you really buy a pen?  Under 30, maybe all communication is penless.  Just imagine a world without that pen collection on your desk.  The shoebox filled with shiny ones and colorful ones and cool inks.  The look and feel of fresh penned notes.  Will you grab a pen today or reach for something electronic?  Maybe the E-Pen market needs to invent more variety.  More colors.  More shiny ones.  Reinventing the simple pen.  Or not.  Thought?  Do you really buy a pen?

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