Sales and Marketing is a fascinating subject to me. You?

Sales and Marketing is a fascinating subject to me. You? I took a college class on Sales at a wonderful college in Sparkill, NY, STAC, St.Thomas Aquinas College.  I took this class at night over the summer.  Many people in the class worked full time and were much older than me.  They still are much older than me. I don’t think I can catch up with you older people. Well, at least by age. Hehe.

The class was indeed fascinating. Sales and Marketing is a fascinating subject to me. You? I STILL have the exact textbook from the class. There are a lot of good nuggets of information.  I think I will do a blog post on my review of the book later.  How does that sound?

I remember we had to come up with a product or service and present it to the class or turn it in as our assignment.  I remember at the time and still today I love Night clubs or catering halls or any upscale or average event venue.
I imagined a venue you could control the size of a venue by the time and size of the audience.  Picture a room starting off small like 10×10 and slowly automatically expanding as the audience got larger.  Seamlessly.  You don’t even recognize the room getting bigger.  But, you do see a LOT more people in attendance.  The reason for this invention.  When going to an event  I think it’s important that the party always looks crowded.  Full.  A wedding, a party, a business meeting.  I think it leaves a cool impression.  Empty space can be peaceful and serene though.  A crowd with moderate space for walking around cool too.  Same concept when you see empty shelves in a supermarket.  Or empty space in a deli counter display.  A full merchandising effort looks busy, and the display looks nicer.  In my opinion.  You too?  Does one exist today?  Should I still add it to my bucket list?

Well, I passed my class.  I didn’t do that assignment in real life.  But I still think about.  Sales and Marketing is a fascinating subject to me. You?
My wife and I both love the same books.  Sales and Marketing books.  Business people with all kinds of experience.  You too?  Do you like books?  On business?
Love to hear your Sales and Marketing story too.  Or do you hate Sales? and Hate Marketing?  Remember, NOTHING happens in this world til something gets sold.  We may just not like being sold, but we all love to buy.  Right?  Sales and Marketing is a fascinating subject to me. You?

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