How do I use Social Media?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I use Social Media”?  What is the big deal?  Will it be a total waste of my time?  Why is everyone using it?  Is it just the replacement to TV or radio?  Is it the new entertainment center in the home?  Why do people us it at work?  Are they getting work done with social media?  Or is it a followup reluctance activity?

All the above are probably good questions to consider when it comes to using social media for life or for work, right?  I ask myself all the time,”How do I use social media”?  And of course any good normal person might answer back carefully,”I like this website called Facebook or I like that website called twitter and another one called Youtube.”  But there is more to it than that, right?  Of course there is.

The crux of the matter is social media IS an engaging activity with people you know and people who know people.  Exponentially, you can make a viral post that would spread your idea or post around the world and back again many times or just alert your neighbor across the street.  How do I use social media today?  Excellent question.

How do I use social media?  Crazy, but you might change up your tactics everyday.
Mainly to prevent boredom.  Doing the same thing over and over again like playing the same song in your car stereo could make you hate a song for a while before you want to play it again.  That has happened to you before, right?

My suggestion, start a profile on the basic social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter or Youtube or even Ryze.  Interact with someone and you will see you will make a new acquaintance.  Sometimes you will make that new person into a friend.  Same thing happens when you met your spouse, friends you have today, etc. Right?
Then use social media to keep in touch with a longer list of friends that you can’t possibly call regularly do to time constraints.

So how do you use social media again?  Keeping in touch with friends and meeting new ones.  I’d say 10-20% of your time is sufficient to satisfy your social media buzz.  No?
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