Small talk is the appetizer to great friendships online and offline. Agree? Thoughts?

Small talk is the appetizer to great friendships online and offline. Agree? Thoughts?  How many times have you gone to meet people and didn’t meet anyone because it was too noisy, or you were too shy, or not in the mood and sat or stood in the corner and wanted to meet someone for business networking or other reasons, but failed?  Watch this video and consider your troubles over.  Practice small talk.  What is small talk?  Debra Fine has excellent tips to get through your challenges.

Do you want to be a better conversationalist?  FINE TUNE your rapport building with Debra Fine.  Are you an engineer, accountant, computer programmer, who never talks to people?  You are in the right place at the right time.  What is your nature?  Are you an introvert?  Extravert?  Are you born with the gift of gab?  Do you hide in the restroom fussing with your hair?  How do you engage someone in conversation?   Would you like better confidence to do all the above?  Debra’s tips are wonderful, but additionally I recommend in 142 countries to seek out the nearest Toastmasters club and join.  In 90 years Toastmasters clubs directed by founder and late Ralph Smedley, you learn the art of communication and leadership through prepared speech making and impromptu off the cuff 2 minute talks.  You can use these skills to enhance your networking skills.  The 1st ten speeches give you powerful tools to boost your techniques.  (Vocal Variety, gestures and when to do them, body language, and a TON more)

I started my business over 20 years ago.  I have to be a people person to succeed in business.  I am my own customer service department, service, marketing, and all the above.  Many small business people and staff at large companies can benefit HUGE from Toastmasters as well.   I have a photography studio.  My wife has her own financial planning business.  We have been serving many types of customers and clients.  Is this article coming to you at the right place and time today?   Be my guest on Wednesday at our weekly West Boca Toastmaster meeting.  7:15PM for 90 minutes!
You won’t regret it!  You will if you don’t!

I highly recommend Debra Fine for your organization.  I saw her speak at a conference of thousands in Baltimore, MD.  Reach Debra Fine at her own website by clicking here.

I also highly recommend Toastmasters International, a non-profit organization in 142 countries and has been around for 90 years.  

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