Salespeople make people happy. Here’s why….(read more)

Salespeople make peeps happy.  Here’s two reasons why….

(1.) Peeps LOVE to spend money.

(That is “people” for those born before dot com revolution)

Go out and make people happy and you will succeed.  Whether you are looking for a job, currently working a job, or developing your own business, you are in sales,

btw.  (by the way)

(2.) Sales people are bearers of good news.  They tell people about some wonderful product or service, or opportunity they might never have heard about.

Many customers/clients will listen, love what they see and hear, buy enthusiastically, and thank you for taking their money away from them in exchange for something they joyfully purchase.  You make people happy when you help them spend their money. 

by Robert Schuller 
(If this inspires you, pick up a copy of the book at the above link.  NO affiliate links here.  Just paying it forward.   Something in the pages for everyone.  There are about 100 USED copies real cheap.  Cool golden nuggets to pick out.  Place a bookmark next to.  Highlight the pages.  Follow along on your nook, Ipad, Iphone, etc.)

One thought on “Salespeople make people happy. Here’s why….(read more)

  1. Let’s NOT confuse salespeople with telemarketers, phone automated sales, or any other gimmick related gadget that takes short cuts. Salespeople are the ones who establish and maintain relationships, educate, partake in ongoing continuing education, and spend hours marketing, business development, and on and on and on…..
    Nothing happens ANYWHERE until something is BOUGHT.
    Chow for now…
    Kind wishes,

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